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Cutest thing your cat does?!

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I have several things!

1. My kitten Kuri likes to sleep draped across my neck. He literally stretches out like Superman.

2. Kuri also makes whiney noises of displeasure (not meows, actual whines) when I have to get out of bed if he is sleeping on or with me.

3. If I'm sitting at the computer and Geisha wants to sit on my lap, she puts one paw on my lap to get my attention and when I look down, she looks at me as if to ask permission to sit on my lap! Then she jumps on my lap and nurses on my clothes. (She's very ladylike at 1-1/2 years old, but still a kitten at heart!)

4. Kuri doesn't wait for anyone's permission for anything! haha. He jumps on my lap when I am not paying attention, and then he actually PLOPS on his side and gets comfortable. It's as if he's saying, Oh, be a doll and let me use you as a pillow, won't you.. *sigh* Thanks Dahling!... He's SUCH a lover!!!
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let's see, Trinity thinks the best spot to sleep in the house is on my butt (it must be the padding, lol) Stormie will cover her nose with one paw when she sleeps, and Trigger, ... well, Trigger is just weird, lol I'll think of something about him later.
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Limerick sleeps under the covers with me
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The cutest thing that Tedy does is to run to the back door and sit and wait on the rug when he hears me say "Dad`s home!". (He also paws with one if he`s waving....when I`m standing at the door waving good bye to my hubby in the AMs too)
The cutest thing that Toby does is to intice me to play "hide and seek" with him. We actually do take turns hiding and seeking each other.
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Katie likes to sit at the table with Anthony and I in her own chair while we eat dinner. She is SO CUTE!!
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If I am at the computer Isis will lay down in front of the keyboard and then barrell roll until she is actually laying on top of it then looks at me like "what?" Salme will actually go curl up and lay on my hand WHILE ITS ON THE MOUSE! they are still new enough to me that actually everything (except the 4 am thing) is cute and adorable.
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Sluggo makes this adorable squeaking noise while he kneads my neck. It is surely pleasure for him! Pandora loves to put her cute little nose right up to mine and "poke". Sometimes she likes to give my nose a little nip. It's really cute!
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Lola likes to sit on my shoulders as I surf TCS and she snuggles with my in bed...the cutest thing Leo does is when he wants a belly rub and he just falls on the floor by my feet and rolls around until I rub his belly.
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When Sash snuggles on my lap and looks up at me like such a little cutie or when I touch him and he goes hmmmm. I just love when he does that! Gosh, what does he do that isn't cute?? I love when he sits at his dish waiting for his food or when he curls his head up in the air and stretches after he's been sleeping.
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JC likes to help "herd" chickens back into the pen - it's hilarious to watch! When he was younger, he used to go outside & imitate the hens when they took dirtbaths.
He's also TOO CUTE when he lies on the mouse & purrs loudly!
Joey is just constantly being cute - I really love it when he comes to find me at bedtime & gives this trilling chirp, then trots upstairs to the bed...
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Also when I'm at the computer sometimes Trinity will jump on top of the monitor and try to catch the mouse, lol
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The 2nd day after we brought Molly home she found this small stuffed toy chicken (like a mini Beanie Baby) in my son's room that she adopted as HER baby and she carries it all over the house with her and sleeps with it and "talks" to it. It's the funniest/cutest thing to watch!
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Originally Posted by MrsFishy
The 2nd day after we brought Molly home she found this small stuffed toy chicken (like a mini Beanie Baby) in my son's room that she adopted as HER baby and she carries it all over the house with her and sleeps with it and "talks" to it. It's the funniest/cutest thing to watch!
TEE HEE!!!!!
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Ever since Jaelynn joined our family Joey has made it very clear that HE is the baby of this household..

First Jaelynn had to sleep in the cradle..whenever she spent the night and went home the next day..this is where we would find Joey..

Then she got too big for cradle and had to start sleeping in the crib..she stayed the night went home the next morning.......where was Joey?

I would definitly say we have gotten the message.
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One really cute thing Kitters does is SNORE!!! While she's sleeping she snores sometimes and it so cute!!.. Tiny little kitty snores...
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Yeah - Its starts off as cute kitten snores and develops into full blown cat snores that could wake the dead!!!
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
Yeah - Its starts off as cute kitten snores and develops into full blown cat snores that could wake the dead!!!
Oh my! Geisha does every once in a while - she snores in that heavy-breathing type of way. Probably not as loud as your kitty, though, ha ha. She hasn't done it in a long time, either! The first time I heard it I was so surprised! (Cats who snore and fart out loud - that's my Kuri - who'd have thunk it?)

Another thing Geisha has just started to do is - while she's sitting on my lap, if I'm not paying attention to her, she puts her paw up on my chest!! She literally taps me (twice) and she makes eye contact, as if to say, "Mom. Hello! Down here! Pay attention to me!!"
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My Tosca makes little noises like a dying telephone when she sees a bug she wants to chase!
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The cutest thing Eppie does is the standard snuggle and arm-kneading thing...just melts my heart every time .

The cutest thing Cosette does is when I pet her on the top of her head, she rolls her eyes up to the top of her head to see what I'm doing. It is beyond adorable!
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Gee the list could be real long, but I'm try to keep it short!

Snickers "cries" to his catnip sock. If you sneak up & watch him without him knowing, he walks around really slow and cries pitifully... this really loud, shrill crying... with the nip-sock in his mouth. If he sees you? He will act like he didn't want a thing to do with the sock, and walk away! Then later you'll see him sleeping snuggly with it.

Dusty growls at her birdies & does this straight-up jump thing when she attacks them. She's very tiny & furry so it looks like a dust bunny flying up in the air, and that low, evil growl she does don't quite fit with her pretty face.

Hammie drowns "everything" in his water bowl. Of all the water bowls in my house, he only puts his toys in one of them. Tailless mice, milk rings, straws, my daughter's plastic bracelets, pipe cleaners, Q-tips. He plays with the stuff then deposits into HIS water bowl.
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I really like it when Cupid gets in front of me at the computer, sits, tilts his head, and stares at me like, "Hello? My turn!" I also love it when he kneads and when he paws at my face, arms, hands, etcetera, because if I'm in his line of site, I should be cuddling with him! I also really like it when I'm giving him kisses & cuddles and he starts enjoying it so much he forgets to swallow, and drools all over (well, I don't enjoy being slimed, but it's still adorable!). I think my favorite thing is when he gets in front of me at my desk and stands on his back legs and puts his body against my chest with his paws on my shoulders--it's like a hug! Then I rub on him and...ooooh! I almost cuteness OD'ing just thinking about it! I can't stand the little sounds he makes sometimes because they're so sweet. He rarely ever meows, he just makes little, short, meh meh sounds, like a baby. He wants held ALL the time, so if I pick him up for kisses & cuddles and then put him down, he will hang on to me like I'm trying to set him down in a pit of fire. It's really cute, but it's also really exhausting sometimes. He's so co-dependant.
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Pepper still "mothers" Scooter, even though he is not really her kitten, and is over a year old. She holds him down and bathes him, and if he is being really naughty, in her opinion, she will scruff him and drag him away from what he is doing. That is usually something naughty she wants to do, and he is in the way. He does not like to have his ears cleaned, so she will lay on him, full length, wrap her paws around his head and neck, and clean them anyway. Scooter squeals in protest, but she is not hurting him, so I let her do it. It beats me having to do it. After she gets done, she comes to get petted, like she has been such a good girl. It is hilarious to watch.
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Pixel plays fetch. Java raises her head for kisses on her nose. Cable runs to me every time i get up to rub herself under/on my feet!
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