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I can understand that everyone here goes nuts on a post like this! It's very provocating.
But seriously - I believe you when saying it was just something that came up in the anger of it all. Sometimes a kitten can be very frustrating - especially when you have the feeling that there is nothing you can do. Who hasn't had that feeling before?
I must admit I once wished my Singa would jump off the balcony....
...but that was just cause she drove me totally crazy.... not that I really wanted to harm her or anything
And when I then noticed I had forgotten to close the balcony door and had left the room for a while... Singa was gone!! I was worried like hell that something happened to her. Thankfully she was just sleeping in the bookshelf
Guess wishing these kinda things is just a way of expressing the emotions in the heat of it all
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when my cat was a kitten he jumped on my face one night and scrached it all up. (this was like 10 years ago) All my friends thought someone abused me LOL they did not believe it waas my kitten that did it. I also had a dog that play bit me in the face and broke the skin This same dog also shreded a whole couch in 30mins! They are just animals though these things happen. Just like when your teenage kid runs away with the car and crashes it LOL if you have pets or kids you gota expect this sort of stuff. And no it will not last forever that crazy horrible kitten turned into the calmest cat alive
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Swatting an animal is so useless and bad behavior on the human's part. I noticed this with my father when he snipped my puppies nose for pooping in the wrong place. Animals have little memory nor know why they are being hurt. Everytime that dog saw my ole man after that, he'd be on guard, and aggressive. Kippy hated my father's hand, and would sneer when dad went to pet him, but, grew to trust him later on in life. They do what's natural to them, that's why we train animal buddies, not educate, that, supposedly happens to us humans, er ah sometimes Mike, Medford Ore
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I can TOTALLY understand your frustration. Just the other morning I treatened to turn Charlie into a cute little kitten rug! He just looked at me, tipped his head sidways and I forgave him! Sometimes he drives me nuts but I still wouldn't trade him for the world. You just have to remind yourself that they are only babies, they will grow up eventually!

Hang in there!!
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