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Peanut Butter's first cat tree

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we have several scratching posts but i have wanted a cat tree for PB since we got him. I finally got one-- its cheap but he seems to somewhat like it. He prefers its short pile carpet to scratch on now so thats good-- anyway here it is...

Peanut Butter's Cat tree
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i love the name peanut butter.. i give my cats some of the weirdest nicknames.. and thats one i'd call ted sometimes. :-)

PB is sooo cute!! cute paws
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thats a tall one! He's a little cutie
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Wow!, that is quite the tall cat tree!
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Nice tree!
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aww! That's awesome!!! Juicy would LOVE it!!!
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What a lucky kitty!
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Ooo! PB looks very happy with his tree! (That is the cutest name by the way!)
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Great tree
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Watch out Leonardo DiCaprio...Peanut Butter is the new king of the world!
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Hey I love how tall it is! It must be very sturdy being connected to both ceiling and floor like that. Looks like a purrfect place to look down on humans from!
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yeah PB has figured out he can jump on my head and shoulders from the top tier-- I need to anchor it a bit better it "shivers" when he jumps on it. I didnt want one so bland but for the price i couldnt pass it up-- BTW i got it at walmart--
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I have the exact same tree for my girls ! They just love it. I too wanted a "fancier" one but they're happy with this one for now. We attached it to the wall since it fell over one too many times !
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