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why I love Wiggies

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My Wiggies is such a cute boy!
I took him yesterday to the vet for his annual, and he was so funny. It was a new vet just down the road, so I walked him there in his carrier and he was way calmer than after being driven to the old vet. He was still scared of his new surroundings though. We tipped him out of the carrier and he ran around exploring. When the vet sat down and asked questions, Wiggies jumped up on the table and onto her shoulders. He looked like he wanted to read over her shoulder! She examined him, and he was very good. Then she put him down on the floor while we were talking. Then she said "right, I'll just go get his injection then" and Wiggies ran straight into his carrier! My clever boy understands English! I think he made a good impression on his new vet!
Today I took him for his walk and we saw someone walking upto the building. Wiggies run towards her and flopped down in front of her for a tummy rub. He's so sweet and friendly, my special boy.
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What a sweet boy! I wish I could give him a tummy rub. I love kitty bellies!
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When I wake up in the morning, I immediately hit the snooze button. Then, I throw the comforter over my head and start calling for help in a distressed voice. My cat immediately jumps onto the bed and starts trying to dig me out of my comforter. It is out of control cute. Cats are adorable.
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