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Little Miss.. Shelly aka tiny cat/ chit-soar-roo

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Shelly was ran over on a cold December (22) night, I knew something was wrong that night she didn't come home. I didn't like her going outside, because our neighboorhood was starting to grow. before we didn't have anyone living near us so I didn't worry so much.

Every afternoon she would want to go outside, chase mice, run after moths or birds. She was always nice to people, she was the most amazing coat of calico ever. :-)

I treated Shelly like a baby, kind of how I treat my cat Ted Brogan.I would carry her around the house and talk to her.

every morning before I let her out I would say "have a good day." and let her outside, and every night when it got dark I would yell for her and she would come running from the woods really fast awaiting dinner, or she would just curl up and sleep. well one night came when she didn't come when I yelled for her. She had been staying out late the past few nights so I let her stay out. I had my window open for her to jump in anyways.

The next morning my dad told me about what had happened because he had come across her body near a driveway.

I cared alot about Shelly and I had to go and see for myself. I guess I was expecting to see a mess, (which now I am so glad I did not see) She looked the same as she did every day, in fact it didn't even lookl ike a car had ran her over. It looked like she was sleeping, but she was cold.

My dad's girlfriend and I burried her in the backyard, I wrapped her in one of my coats she would lie in and put a ziplock bag with some food and a letter in the pocket of the jacket for her. I know it probley sounds funny, but I did care a lot for her.

I got shelly from my younger brothers friend, I named her Shelly from a skit on MAD TV Michael McDonald would say Shelly C'mon to his Assistant. So the name stuck from that.

she had like a million nicknames.. from

chitsoru (chit-soar-roo)
ShooShoo Lavorie (lavor A)
Loaf of bread
tiny cat
miss kitty

so many more that I have forgotten over time.
I miss you lil girl :*)
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What a beautiful girl. I'm sorry she's gone, but glad that you guys had good times while she was here.
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Oh how sad. I lost a Russian Blue named Azia that way several years ago. She was an inside cat, but every great once in a while she would streak out between someones feet.
I loved her very much. She'd been with me 8yrs.

I know you are heartbroken. It gets better with time. She'll be waiting for you happily on the bridge now. My condolences on your great loss.
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Bless her little heart What a gorgeous angel she is over the bridge right now
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Condolences on the loss of Shelly. She certainly was beautiful! She is lucky to have been truly loved by you.
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SOOOOO sorry She had a great life and owner! She will be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge.
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