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Kitten being very sneaky

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Well my little Terry fox has been with me and my boyfriend for less then a week now and he is still meowing away but it's getting better most of the time.
But my questions are it seems if he doesn't see one of us he freaks out. Just this morning I was taking a shower and I could hear his wailing over the water and music so I let him into the bathroom and let him see me and he ws fine for a bit after that. I don't know what could be bothering him. I'll talk to him but it seems he has to actually see me.
Also he does not react at all to the clapping or snapping fingers method for example at our meal time. I have removed his paws I have clapped and snapped my fingers and he just seems to look at me with that "what are you doing face" It was amusing the first few times but now we would just like to eat a meal on peace without the death meows and attempts to jump on to the table.
last question.......He has figured out a way to sneak up onto the bed now he doesn't do it everynight but he has a nice cozy bed right beside us that uses and we see him fall asleep in but sometime during the night he sneaks up into the bed right in between us I never brought him into the bed I wanted him to have his own but he seems to have his own ideas.
Does anyone have any suggestions???

Thank you
Mel, Bart and Terry Fox
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How old is your kitten?, it could be that he is still just so young that he misses his mommy and you have become his new substitute. I would fight the urge to pick him up each time he cries though (I should know, I now have a full grown 4 year old maine coon that runs my house) Don't scold him either though..he'll probably grow out of it.

As far as him crawling into bed with you..unless you really don't want him to I'd say let him..I love that part of having a cat!
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I can't imagine NOT sleeping with Bijou. If he doesn't come to the bedroom with me, I carry him in and put him on the bed and as soon as I'm settled he cuddles up and goes to sleep.

I too think he just needs to know you are there for him and needs that comfort.

As for the bathroom/shower thing - I think you'll find a lot of us here have not had the bathroom to ourselves since we got cats. As I was enjoying my bath last evening both Bijou and Mika insisted on sitting on the bathmat and making kitty eyes at me.
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Awwww i'd certainly say he wants some love and affection with his mum
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Awww.....sounds like he loves you bunches. Our Stormy will cry from time to time when she cant see us and I just call to her and she will come running. She just doesnt like to be alone. I think she has gotten better over time though. Once they realize your schedule I think they adjust. Stormy is still young, 9 weeks, and she just wants that lovin. As for the bed.......that is the BEST thing about having a cat in my book. Stormy will climb up there and sleep on my feet and sometimes cuddle up at my side. I LOVE THAT!! If you really dont want him there you going to just have to constantly put him off your bed or lock him out of your room Id think. Best luck whatever you do.
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Awwww i'd certainly say he wants some love and affection with his mum
He get's all the love in the world but I guess it doesn't hurt to give even more. i just don't want him to think everytime he cries he will get picked up or pet. I want him to know that I am still boss so If I say no I mean it. I guess he is probably too young still. He is about 10 weeks old if not older.
I would love for him to sleep in our bed too but it seems that night time My boyfriend reacts to him a bit so it's not a pleasant sleep for My poor Bart. He is fine every other time it just seems to be at night. So I gave terry a bed of his own which he loves but not all the time. I guess if it contini=ues this way it wont be so bad. I love him purring right next to my head. if I could i would have him with me always. Too bad we have to work to feed them and ourselves. Oh well
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Garfield used to cry if we were out of his sight. Rather than coming to search for us, or following our voices, he would just sit and cry. If I would walk into wherever he was and say hello, he would come running to me, very relieved. He was also a stinker for getting up on the table to eat with us (off our plates)!

The thing that he understood best was to hold my hand up, palm facing him, and firmly say, NO! I think the little male kittens are just hardwired to be in charge, and don't believe us when we say no. A Momma cat can be very firm with her babies, growling and hissing when necessary. A nice firm whack from Momma is handy, too, but we can't really be smacking our cats! But being very firm when needed is good for raising a well behaved baby!

Garfield still jumps up on my lap if I am snacking. He sniffs around, just checking if he can get a taste. But he usually does back off if I tell him No!
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