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Tattoos.....anyone ???

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O.K........there is a thread about *piercings*.....sooooooooooo....I thought I would start one about tattoos. How many people have one (or more)??? How old were you when you got your first one??? What was the last one that you got of??? I'll start, I *currently* have 8 tattoos, I was 24 when I got my first one. The last one I got about a year ago and it is a bust of Jesus.....very realistic on my abs right above my belly button......O.K.......next
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I can't do tatoos! Yikes! Nope...I can't convince myself to get 2nd holes in my ears even!
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i do not have a tattoo yet but i want to get a tree tattoo on my whole back once i have the time sketch it out =0)
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I have one on my ankle (a cute frog), another near my pelvic bone (zodiac sign) and last one on the small of my back (crescent moon with shooting stars going through it surrounded by a huge flaming sun)
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I have one on my back right shoulder. It's a fox. 20 years ago a marine buddy of mine dared me to get one. I was 18 at the time.
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I have one. It's a butterfly that I designed myself, and is on my outside right ankle. I got it VERY quickly after my 18th birthday, and in the same place my sister got her first (Betty Boop). I haven't really wanted anymore, though, since I almost passed out with the first, though I was LAYING DOWN. LOL...my bf at the time had to get me a glass of water to keep me from passing out...what a wuss I am!!
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I have one on my lower back. It is in arabic script and it says "the power of one" in black outlined in red. It took 1.5 hours and hurt....a lot.
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There was a thread on this a while back.

Anyway, I have an ankle bracelet with hearts and roses and a vine.
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I have a purple crescent moon on my upper arm (shoulder), an energy spiral on the inside of my right ankle, and four Japanese characters saying `Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love' down the centre of my spine.

The one on my arm I've had for the longest - and that HURT. I remember when I went, I was 19, and the guy who did it was tattooed all over his body, including his face, and he gripped my arms and growled, `Yer I always like to tattoo the pretty gels'. As it was being done I noticed his framed certificate of membership to the Ku Klux Klan and photos of burning crosses everywhere. He also had a giant swastika flag over the entryway to his kitchen. You could not see any of this from the front of his shop and trust me, I COULD NOT wait to get out of there. He didn't do a very good job but I was too scared to say anything - I got it redone somewhere else a year later, when I had the one on my ankle done.

I would like very much to get little paw-prints tattooed across my left foot but you can't get tattooes lower than the ankle anymore in Perth. Also, I am going to have `Friendship and Courage' tattooed in Elvish somewhere on my body - just can't find a spot yet!! I want five in total, as that's my lucky number...hehe
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Right now I only have one. I got it after I turned 19. An awesome dragonfly on the inside of my left ankle. The tattoo artist drew it for me, and I love it! I want to get another one, but will probably wait til me and my longtime BF (hopefully fiance at some point.. hehe) can go and get a "pair." I'm still trying to think of what we can get. Kinda like a ying and a yang thing, ya know? Where we will each have a tattoo that is different, but tie together. Any ideas?
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I have 3 tattoos.

My 1st tattoo is over my belly-button going across stomach in a free-form "s" shape of a thick (stem) strand of roses...done when I was in my late 30's...took around 1-hour and no pain

My 2nd tattoo is a masterpiece!! It is a garden of flowers (mostly lillies) and consists of about 20 different colors/shades. I have never seen anything like it anywhere & absolutely love it!! It starts on my lower-back, comes up to my mid-back and vines swing around my abs to meet my 1st tattoo with more flowers. Huge piece!! This one took 5 sittings with some of them going into 3-4 hours long. The only painful moments where on my spine and back rib area. This was done also in my late 30's.

My 3rd tattoo is on my right shoulder and length stops close to my elbow. This one is done in blues & greens only and is of a blue lotus...flower chosen to represent life. Another large piece but only took about 4-hours from start to finish. Done when I was 41 yrs. old.

Not sure if I am done was thinking of yet more flowers with a feline face peering through...possibly winding around my leg...starting from ankle and ending mid-calf. Not sure if I'm ready for it.
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My partner Max has three tattoos - and the one on the inside of his forearm is soooooo cool. It's a robot that a close friend of his designed for him, and it's just fantastic. It's started so many conversations with random strangers just cos it's so cool and everyone wants to ask him about it - I'll see if I can get a pic, it's mint!
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I would LOVE to see some pics of these tattoos! If anyone has them, post them! If I ever get a digital camera, I'll post mine.
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I am very embarrassed to say that I have a "homemade" tattoo that I did when I was 15 of a cross on my ankle. I did it with a needle and Indian Ink and that was 12 years ago!!. I am either going to have another professional tattoo done over it over have laser surgery to remove it.
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I want this tattoo.. its a butterfly with a tiger face... my cousin has this.. he let me take a picture of it. I also want the word dream somewhere.

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I have 2, peacock on my back (shoulder blade that goes down my back about 8 inches...) I also have a butterfly on my right ankle. I was 18 for the first one and 19 for the second one. I want one or two more. I want one with an angel on my lower back and maybe my name on other ankle.
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I have a calico cat playing with a chickadee. It is on my lower back and took about 2 hours. I got it when I was 30, this past January. Midlife crisis? Maybe.....But I plan to get more, they are addicting! I keep thinking of more to get all the time!
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I can't get a pic of the one on my back (tried and failed...lol) but here is the template they used - it looks exactly the same...

And here is the elvish one I designed - it says `Friendship and Courage'.

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I have 14. Didn't get one until in my 40s ! Hey, they're addictive.
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I've always wanted a tattoo..just haven't had the guts to
go through with it lol
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None yet, but I've been thinking about it more and more lately. I grew up loving my dad's tatoos that he had done while in the navy...flying eagle on one forearm, 3 roses on the other...both were excellent quality.
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I have one on my upper left arm, it's an eagle and snake wrapped around a sword, all in shades of black. Took about 2 hours, only painful when it got too near the sides of my arm, and I got a date with the tattooist

Will try to take a picture tonight.
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I was 18 when I had my first tattoo... then I was 10 when I had the extras added to it.... then the year after I had my belly tattooed..... and oh yes, the year after that, my boy-friend (a friend but not THAT way) paid for me to have a cat and pawprints tattoes on my right leg for my 21st birthday..... how sweet! So it's my favourite one....

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LillieKat! I love your tattoo! The cat is so beautiful!!
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Yay! I love all the pictures! I'm trying to talk my mom into getting one. She wants one but it scared, and thinks shes too old. She's only 46! I keep telling her she just needs to go for it, and I'm trying to get my dad into it too. He is a fireman and already knows what he would get (some kinda crest thing or something to do with being a fireman, can't remember what he called it), so I don't know why they don' t just go together and get them done!
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Candie, that's my own design - all of my tattoos were designed by moi, but I had a friend of mine actually tattoo them to me as he specialized in the custom tattoos. It's always worth finding a versatile tattoo artist
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I have my Zodiak sign on my lower back, Taurus, its a bull with horns, I will try to post a picture as soon as I find one!!

I really want another one, I think I watch too much Miami Ink!!
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This is my tattoo, at the bottom of my back!

Its a cats face

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This is what my tattoo looks like! I finally found a picture
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I have the bacardi bat on my lower back. I want more but because of my profession don't want anything that shows. My bf has several and right now is almost done with a full sleeve. I'll take pictures soon.
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