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I remember my 15th! it was sooo fun
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Happy Birthday Jenny!
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Happy Happy Happy Birthday


You should always enjoy your birthday! I have been wondering how you have been! I know you are busy with school now. You are one of the first friends I made here at TCS! Hope your day was wonderful!
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I'm so sorry I couldn't read this earlier. I had to get off the computer for awhile to study for a big test and do an essay. Anyways, my birthday was great! You guys helped make it that way! I went to my favorite place to eat out- Olive Garden, with my family and a best friend. My dad is still getting my gift, but I had a great day, and I'm going shopping with another friend. I feel so loved, you guys are awesome!
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Happy belated Birthday, Jenny!
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Hope you had a Happy Birthday! I turned 15 September 16th, and like you I had been wanting to be 15 for a while, now I can't wait for my sweet 16. I want a car so bad . . .
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