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The best way to sleep...

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According to Chay, is all-sprawled out on his back with limbs sticking everywhere! He sleeps like a little human boy, all over the place, and even grumbles and mutters at you when you try and pet him. He pushes me away with his paws, and you can just hear him "Mooooommmmm, leave me alone!!"

Billy is a quiet sleeper, and sleeps either curled in a neat little ball or on his stomach with all paws tucked underneath him. Should you happen to accidently fling an arm over him while you sleep, he ignores it and continues to snooze.

What about your furbabies?
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I think we definitely need picures with this thread!

I love the way Pushkin sleeps. When he's really crashed out, he curls up tight and hugs his face with his front paws. So cute! So hard to resist.
Wiggies is like your Chay - he constantly grumbles and sighs in his sleep. Very cute, when I hear him it makes me laugh.
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Some funny day-time shots I've caught...

Snickers & Zorro: caught Belly Up snoozing

Jessie: sleeps under stuff.... or partially under stuff...

at night, they're on ME!
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Bijou lays facing me with his head and upper body on the pillow and covered up to his neck with the covers. He usually gives my eyelids or nose a quick lick before sighing and going to sleep. Sometimes he has his paw laying across my neck or my cheek.
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When Harley sleeps, he has his own pillow at the top of our bed, against the wall, thats right between John & I! He will lay with his head right next to mine, so he just has to have his head laying on my nice fluffy feather pillow!
If I'm laying next to John on Harley's pillow watching TV, or if a pillow is laying on top of his, he will sit there and STARE at me until I MOVE so he can lay down!! Then he will lay there and look at me with those "I love you eyes" until I rub his head, and then he will start purring so incredibly loud, and then he's out like a light!

He is definately the KING of the bed!!
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Cassie and Napoleon both take up so much room on the bed at night (when the two of them sleep with us...usually it's one or the other) that I say, if we got a third kitty, we'd need a bigger bed!

Napoleon lays on his tummy, strettttttttccccchhhheed out at the bottom of the bed. Cassie lays either at the edge of the bed or in between BF and me, all cute. :-)
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Gibby sleeps on his back with paws akimbo .. or on his side. He also picks either my slippers or laundry to lay in.

Paige sleeps sometimes between me and Jason, and other times she sacks out on the floor, looking like a little dark hump.

Molly sleeps in a little ball.. sle looks like a croissant!
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These are great! Anyone else? I love sleeping kitties!
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Gordito sleeps in the weirdest positions.. I can't even remember them all. Right now he is sleeping on the desk.. right next to me, all sprawled out.. Poptart tends to sleep in a curl, or a ball. nacho likes to be propped up agaist somehting.. whether it be a human, a pillow, or a dog. Orion sleeps sprawled out mostly.. but now that the colder weather is coming he's been sleeping in a ball, keeping warm. Sometimes he looks like a fox with his tail covering his nose. =D
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Well my dog Cricket likes to lay on her back with her legs up in the air, pepper our little 6 pound silky likes to curl up next to our head......shadow lays anywhere but as of right now he is sleeping while suckling his bed....he will come for pets and they will go and suckle, then fall asleep while doing so.....
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My Geisha sleeps in a variety of ways...

Curled up in small spaces...

Passed out like "roadkill"...

Or on top of things...

Kuri lays on his side to sleep, wherever he is (on the floor, file cabinet, or bed).

sorry for the big pics, not sure how to make them smaller... I'll try to figure it out!
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Awww, I love the one of Geisha sleeping on top of the chair (the last one of her sleeping) How adorable!!
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Lucifer sleeps either on the floors or in his cat carrier (the door is off of it) during the day, and tucked RIGHT behind my knees at night on the bed.
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