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This is how stupid my classmates are..

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Okay yeah I know it's mean to call someone stupid..but there's no other word for this!

Yesterday in speech class we were talking about "Persuasive Speeches." and my friend Brooke had made the comment to this girl Sophia who is actually pregnant, "You should do a persuasive speech on why it's good to be pregnant!" Well I spoke up saying "You won't persuade me!" Then they looked at me like I'm stupid and say "Why?" I said, "Because the prize after the pregnancy..I don't want!!" and they were like "Aww but babies are cute!!" So I said, "Yeah! If you like being puked on and getting little sleep at night!"

Well today..the same girl who's pregnant..made the comment "Man I can't wait to get drunk!!"


Gosh people like that just..
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My post is probably off topic but ... Ohh persuasive speech class sounds interesting. Have you learnt about how there are various types of persuasive speeches. For example some of my favorites are: 1) Arguments used if you wish to get the other side to change their mind but would not really persuade that many neutral bystanders. 2) Arguments that will help you persuade neutral bystanders but very likely resulting in the other party being entrenched in their positions 3) Arguments that persuades "negatively" by either preventing neutral bystanders from taking the other party's side or neutralising a potential point yet to be raised by the other side that would have been very persuasive.
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I've heard a pregnant girl or 2 say stuff like that before. Personally I don't do either of thoes things now so I won't be missing them when that time comes (about 5 years from now!). I do know a girl that goes outside to smoke so her kids aren't exposed to it. I guess if you are going to smoke, that would be s better option.
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Hmmmm.. too many teenagers probably think it's cool to be pregnant. I hope nobody presents on that topic.

Please, keep the "babies spit up and wake you up all night" idea in your brain. At least you, sweet you, will not be a baby raising a baby!


ps - I still think babies are a bit gross and lifestyle-cramping. But I must admit, they are getting cuter and cuter to me...
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Axl: I feel like hugging you for being so bright, but slapping your classmates upside the head for being morons.
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I feel the same way when I see pregnant women at our hospital (and they are usually there for a high risk pregnancy since anyone with a normal pregnancy would be at home or in the hospital only after giving birth) smoking, I want to just yell at them!! But I'd be in trouble if I did (I can see headlines, "Pediatrician suspended for assaulting pregnant patient"). Now they are forced to go further to the sidewalk but they personally have to stop.

For your class, I would recommend Gerry Spence's book - and I frget the exact title but it is something about how to win an argument every time, or every argument,.
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Oh wow. That IS stupid. The whole thing. The "thinking a baby at 17 is just peachy" thing, and the smoking/drinking thing. The older I get, the more inclined I am to think that people should have to pass some kind of test before they can reproduce.
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Well said!!! I agree - Reproducing should be a privelage not a right!!!!
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I will back that too....

you should go through classes, have a steady job, and have a couple of brains in your head before you can beable to procreate....
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I was pregnant at 15. It wasn't really an accident. I was a "stupid" kid not thinking about live after pregnancy. I hid my pregnancy until I was 7 months pregnant. At that point my teachers and family were shocked. Luckily they all supported me and my decision. I am VERY LUCKY that I have never been on public assistance, finished high school and now have a good job I enjoy. I do have one failed marriage but at least it was to my kids father and we tried to make it work for almost 10 years.

Most kids are not so lucky.

I guess that's why I am so hard on my kids. I don't want them think live is "just peachy" with a baby in your future. I would love to talk to any teen who thinks teen pregnancy is just about having a cute baby. Those cute babies turn into mouthy teens before you know it..

Bobbie <--- who just turned 31 and my son is in high school.
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Oh dear. `But babies are cute' - people have no clue, do they? Yes, they are cute, and they are also the hardest work of your life - for the REST of your life. That is one thing about very young girls getting pregnant - I mean, nobody is prepared for how much a baby changes your life, but especially when you are very young yourself! It's like that saying, `A puppy/kitten is for life, not just for Christmas'. It's the excitement of having a cute baby that people look forward to, not the reality of raising a child.
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Originally Posted by blueberrybeth

ps - I still think babies are a bit gross and lifestyle-cramping.

me and my friend call them "greedy babies" LOL.
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