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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy
There is something in the water here at TCS! Maybe I should start drinking it.......
Just as long as no one puts any baby making powder in the water!
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Here's a pic. It was soo cold and windy. Poor Jon didn't have a coat either.
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Congratulations! You both look very happy in that picture. May your life together be filled with such wonderful moments.
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Yes, that is indeed Cooper's Rock, West Virginia. And even more spectacular that I remember.

It's lovely that you'll have such a striking memory (and photo) of the proposal.
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Congratulations! You make such a lovely couple!
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aaawwww. Look at the happy couple. Congratulations!!!!!
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Congratulations! What an exciting time! I got married 1.5 years ago and was engaged for the same amount of time. While the planning was stressful, it was also fun. Enjoy your engagement!
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We've set a date!!! June 9, 2007.
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How wonderful that you have set a date, a summer wedding, I can't wait til I get engaged, I am so happy for the both of you!
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You both look very happy - congratulations!!
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Has anyone had this problem... We can't desicde where to have the wedding!!! He wants it in Morgantown, but I'm here in Erie so it would be easier to have it here..... If we don't get the hall we want then we are back to square one. It's a club my Dad belongs to so it's really cheap. I hope we can work it out.. we have some time before we have finalize anything. It's a good thing my Mom's helping me!!!
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Wow congratulations!! How romantic!!
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How romantic! Huge congrats!!!!

That picture is so sweet!
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How about all my friends want to be in the wedding. How do you tell some of your best friends "no"? I'm resisting the urge to invite everyone I see. If anyone has any suggestions on anything let me know!!!
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awwww, congrats! I just got engaged myself June 17th 2005. My finace and I are getting married July, 2 2005. If you need ANYTHING feel free to send me a PM or find me here. This is such a fun time but it is stessful. I knew I'd have tons of friends that would want to be in our wedding and fortunately I have a sister. We decided to have a very small event with just my sister as my Maid of Honor and his best friend as his Best Man. We're only inviting a total of 60 people. I know some people may be dissapointed, but bottom line is its our day and we needed to do what was right for us. I hope you get your first choice for a reception and ceremony place. Anyway, I'll stop rambling! If you want to talk, vent, anything drop me a line. And congrats again - you two look so happy!
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Jon's coming up tomorrow!! We are going to my aunts to hang out and see my cousin's new baby. I hope we have time to get somethings planned, but we will see!!!
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Congrats on the news! I'm envious, but happy for you!!!
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Just finding this!!!

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