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Cut/tear in ear - will it heal?

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I have a question: will a cut and/or tear in a cat's ear heal of its own accord? The cat I'm talking about has a little tear in its ear, about maybe 1/4 of an inch long and in such a manner as so that the edges of the tear do not touch (there is some space between them). I would gather that once a cat has a tear like this, it will not just magically go back together, but I thought I would double check just to be sure.

Assuming the tear won't heal on its own, is there any operation a vet can do to repair the ear? Does anyone have any first hand experience?


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There is a kind of glue that can be used...I believe, and they may want you to apply a safe antibiotic ointment - your vet could confirm this if you call, if this is an option.
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IS this a fresh cut youre talking about? If so, your vet can probably help.... Oliver has a tiny little pie wedge cut out of the tip of his left ear and it's ADORABLE! I love it so much, haha - no one could ever steal him cuz of that, lol
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My friend has a kitty who came home with a big tear in her ear a few years ago. She kept antibiotic ointment onit and it healed but she still has a big split in her ear...it didn't grow back together. I'm not sure if there is a particular type of ointment to use so that they don't get sick from it when they try to clean it off.
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The cut looks fairly fresh, but like it has started to heal near the bottom of the "V". I was just thinking it may be a situation where a Vet could open the edges up and then stitch it together or use some sort of tape/liquid skin sort of thing. I wasn't sure if it was a common thing that was done or if it would be very costly or if it would tend to naturally grow out as it healed, etc.

Thanks for the info. If anyone else has any insight, please feel free to add your 2 cents

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My 2 year old tabby Simon also has a little pie wedge on the outer edge of his left ear. I am not sure how he injured it exactly, but when I discovered it...I used some antibiotic cream and let it heal on its own. It looked like a little slice and the ends just never grew back together. Your vet will know for sure if the cut is serious enough to require surgical intervention.
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