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Constantly vomiting kitty !!!

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With your little girl - MY GOODNESS what a tough girl! Good luck and keep us informed.... I'll be prayin...
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I need advice. My 10 month old Bengal cat, Mozzie, on Monday, was rushed over to the emergency vets, as he convinced us he was about to die. He was weak, couldn't stand up for any amount of time, the third eyelid was across, and he least appeared to be, very dehydrated, as his skin 'tented' a little when pinced. Anyway, the vet took his temperature and said it was high. Gave two injections, don't know what for as other questions were asked, and sent us home with some Synulox palatable tablets ( 50mgs, two a day ).

Today at 10:15am we rushed him back again, as he started vomiting, yowling and occassionally trembling as if cold. He hasn't stopped since and it's now 5:09pm !!! As soon as he was at the vets, you would have thought that he was a picture of health. His temps are fine and his gut feels fine, and he stopped vomiting at the vets. Within 10 minutes of getting home, he was retching again. Something just isn't right. I need advice. Two vets have inspected him, and they say he's fine. If he's fine, then why the retching, and bringing up mucous(sp?) ??? He also meows just before and yelps as he vomits. Since being spayed he's not been right. And since January, his weight has dropped and dropped. He is not a well little Mozzie, and no one seems to know why. He hasn't left the house in over a week and has slept loads, but was until Monday, eating and drinking fine, and everything is kitty proofed so he hasn't eaten anything we don't know of. The only thing I can think of is that he has a 'thing' for everything mint, and has licked a mint sweet
( Trebor Extra Strong Mint ) that he stole from my bag, two days ago, but he was ill before that. I need advice. And I can think of nowhere else to turn. Please help...anyone ???

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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maybe the cat is alergic to something in your house - have you used anything new - detergents, airfresheners, floor cleaner, anything like that? Also, I might call another vet - is this vet the one that spayed him? can you go to another vet?
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Has he been tested for Feline Lukemia and FIV? Can you contact the breeder you got him from to make sure of all veterinary care he received prior to your getting him? I'm worried about your little one and without knowing this it can be hard to say. Fever in cats usually means some sort of infection which would explain why he responded well after the shot (assuming it is bacterial and the shot was an antibiotic). I looked up what those pills are and they are an antibiotic. Are you still giving him the pills?
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You said as of Monday he hasn't been eating or drinking well? I would really get him to another vet A.S.A.P. and tell them everything you have just said. Please let us know how everything goes and I hope all goes well. Take care.
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Mozzie is still vomitting. He was tested for Feline Aids
and leukemia on the 18th January and came back clear, so we know it isn't that. I can't get in touch with a breeder, as I rescued him from a bunch of kids that had a hold of his tail, and were hitting him against car windows as they walked down a street at the back of my Uni. I stormed in and rescued his then unconcious body, and took him home. An owner never came forward, and as he had developed Epilepsy for a while afterwards ( which he seems to have grown out of ) we battled with his health for the few months afterwards. The vet identified him as a Bengal, and on research, we found he looked like every photo of a brown spotted Bengal in the books !

Luckily we managed to nurse him back to health, but now all this has started. Yes, this is the vet we had him spayed at. It was voted the best Vets surgery in Great Britain, and people come from half the country to see the vets there. There are so few vets in my immediate area, and I'm not sure if any of the others are any good. As for allergies, I can't imagine what he'd be allergic to in the house. I myself have Mulitple Allergy Syndrome, so we are always vigilant for any new products coming into the house. Nothing much changes here, because of that. The vet this morning said to not feed him, the steamed fish and cooked chicken we had been feeding him, since Monday night, today, and to stop the pills until he stops being sick.

Whilst I was posting the last post, I had an idea. We've looked in his mouth for anything like cotton that might be irritating his throat, or any hair strands. I have long hair and Seasonal Allopecia, which means that sometimes, my hair falls out in strands. Leaving me with bald patches. It was only yesterday that I realised that it's flaring up again. I was and am worried that a strand of hair might be caught somewhere, halfway between his stomach and his throat, and that might be the cause. His stomach is definately empty now. He's been vomitting every 15-30mins since 10:15am and it is now 8:37pm. Because of this we are going back to the vets tomorrow at 9:55am, and will ask them to check his throat. He just looks so scared and tired right now, and in between sessions, he sleeps heavily. We will be sitting up the whole night with him now, we couldn't sleep if we wanted too. I'll let you know what they say.

Thank you for your replies. They are very much appreciated.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Well it's sound like you are taking him to a good place. I'm really worried for you. When cats will not even drink they can take a turn for the worst in minutes. I will pray for everything to turn out all right.
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Bless you for saving the poor baby from those child barbarians. People like you really warm my heart!
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I just now saw your thread, and I have a couple of suggestions for you. Maybe it would be in your kitten's best interest to take him back to the veterinary clinic and ask them to place him under observation for a day or two. The vets would have a much better chance to observe him for anything unusual. Janet mentioned a possible allergic reaction to anything new brought into your home, this is a possibility. It is also possible that the kitten has developed an allergy to something which has been in your home for a while, and which didn't bother him previously.

I was wondering whether or not the kitten has been X-rayed to see if he might have swallowed a foreign object which is now causing a blockage, this might explain the vomiting.

I hope your poor kitten is able to get through this crisis, please let us know what happens.

Good luck!!
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Good call Lorie, when you said a blockage it brought back the memory of when I worked at a vet clinic and the same thing was happening to a Dalmation and it turned out he had swallowed one of his toys!
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I have no advice, but lots of sympathy and sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully the vomitting will cease and kitty will get some good sleep tonight, and feel better in the morning.

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I would definatley ask to have an x ray done. Since he has been vomiting so often, it does sound like some sort of blockage. Chronic vomiting is usually associated with some serious disorders such as hyperthyroid, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, kidney disease, heartworms etc. He is really young and none of these things would stand out in his case. I sure hope the vet can find out whats going on.
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This is really farfetched, and I'm not even sure I have my facts straight, but I think I heard one time of someone having a severe head injury, bad enough to lose consciousness and develop epilepsy just like your kitty, who later developed a brain tumor at the injury site. Depending on the location, tumors can cause things such as vomiting and fever. Just a thought, albeit a longshot....
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Thanks everyone for all your replies. just to let you know that
we went back to the vet today, and they are keeping him in over the weekend. He had two anti biotic injections whilst we were there, and howled like a werewolf when injected, then sat scowling at the vet, until the vet petted him and made goo-goo noises at him...Mozzie is such a drama queen. Anyway, the vet said his intestinal wall is definately inflammed, and his stomach is inflammed too ( not surprised about that really ! ). He said he was very concerned and will drip feed him fluids immediately. We called this afternoon and Mozzie is still vomitting, but they think it's a stomach virus and gastroenteritis(sp?) at the moment. His intestines aren't blocked as he has diarheoa(sp?), which often also follows on from vomitting for long periods of time. He checked down Mozzie's throat and couldn't see anything, but said, if they can't control the vomitting to a degree then surgery wasn't a wise choice at this moment in time. He will give Mozzie something to slow the vomitting down, and we have to ring back tomorrow. The vet said he was sorry to see how sick he was and how thin he'd got. He also gave him a quick hug ( he was the vet that first saw Mozzie when I rescued him ) and said that he wasn't prepared to let him give up the fight for life just yet, which made my mother and I start to sniffle !!!

I did mention the head trauma thing, Cooie, and the vet said that he'd
bare it in mind when he does a check later tonight when the anti-vomit drug has kicked in. He did say that while it is possible, it doesn't fit in with the inflammation, as with head trauma it's usually a balance and co-ordination thing that makes the cat dizzy and in turn feverish and vomitting. Mr Clark said to thank you for the suggestion thought, it's definately worth checking thank you Cooie !!!

Things round here are so quiet without the little monster. It's now midnight, and it's strange not having him meowing down the house. Mum just said " How am I meant to sleep WITHOUT his yowling ? ", it wasn't so long ago we said " How are we going to sleep WITH his yowling ? ". Funny how you get used to things, and how fast they change. Still with any luck, he'll be home soon and back to driving us potty !!!

I'm to ring the vet at 10am tomorow for an update on my Mozzie. i'll keep you posted. Thanks everybody. Don't kno where I'd be without you !!!
Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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It sounds like you left Mozzie in very capable hands! I am keeping my fingers crossed for him!
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The update is that basically Mozzie hasn't vomitted in a while now, but they are going to keep him in one more night. They said that we may well be able to take him home tomorrow. I'll let you know the outcome, after we speak to the vet tomorrow. Thanks for all your support and help !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Oh, this is good news!

Because, you know, the dehydration and the fear and the lack of chance to sleep just saps the strength of a small animal. So he is no longer vomitting and had a chance to rest and recover. He'll feel so much better now.

Has he eaten or drunk anything? Have they figured out the cause yet? Did you go visit him? (I usually visit mine if they are in longer than over night, but I'm mushy about my kitties)
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He hasn't eaten yet or drunk on his own, but he is getting fluids
so he probably feels a bit perkier. Sadly as far as the visits go, my vet doesn't allow any visits at all, which I think is awful. They say it's not possible, even though the surgery is huge.

We miss the 'little yowling monster' terribly. We've not had a quiet night ( until he was sick ) since the day I bought him home, last June. At 3am last night, everyone was still awake because he wasn't yowling his little head off. The whole family ended up sitting together, and discussing the whole 8 month history of his life with us. What an effect our pets have on us, eh !?! Now we are all just killing time, until 10am tomorrow, when we can find out if we can bring him home, and hopefully reveal the cause of this episode of illness. They still hadn't found the cause yet at 10am this morning though. I hope it's not an allergy to something in the house. Can't imagine where we'd start looking as everything is kept clean because of my own allergies.

Anyway, I'd better go and try and get some sleep now. When he comes home, I think I'll tape record his night and day yowling, and use it to yowl me to sleep when I go away on holiday. It's just impossibly quiet here without him !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Mozzie is home !!! We bought him home Monday evening, and he purred himself to sleep after insisting on bags of attention from all four family members. He kept waking up and going to each of us, head rubbing us and returning back to my Mother, and curling up on her lap. He seems to have gained a little weight now, and follows us around the house. The vet said he was very, very scared there, and kept hiding under the bedding until feeding time, when, after a little encouragement, he ate ravenously. We are delighted that he's back. He hasn't yowled...well...not much, anyway, and he is the centre of attention when he's awake. Don't get me wrong, we don't smother him, we are all just aware of where he is in the room.

Now, the problem is that he sleeps all the time. He's was not a lap cat, but now all he wants is to be on my mother's or my lap. He hasn't the energy to play for more than two minutes, when he was more than hyperactive, before he curls up or falls asleep where he's crouched. In our history of cat ownership ( all my life ), rarely has a cat sat on my lap willingly for more than a couple of minutes. Only my other cat who was put to sleep in November 2001 did that, in his latter years. The fact that Mozzie slept on my lap the whole night without leaving once ( I didn't have the heart to shove him off so I could go to bed, so slept on and off, in a chair ) is a cause for concern. Or is it that I am being too over cautious ??? My mum is worried too, and I have an awful feeling that something isn't quite right with him. Would the antibiotic injections ( synulux, twice a day ) from the vet, still be making him sleepy, when it is 4:20pm on Wednesday, and the last injection was at 2:35pm on Monday, and he's now off all medication ??? How long would you recommend we leave him before we take him back. The vet said he'd be back to normal in a couple of days, but we, as a family, are extra paranoid anyway, since losing my previous cat last year. Is this a case of us expecting too much too soon ????? Please advise us, we don't want to traumatise him further by dragging him back there, if there is no need for it. Thank you again for all your replies and help.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I'm so glad he's home and feeling better! And EATING! I'm sure his energy and stamina will pick up in a few days. He's probably still getting over it, plus the stress of an overnight at the vet. Here's to a full recovery!
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find out exactly what had happened?
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Sunlion, thanks for putting my mind at ease. You are right, I must give him time to get over everything that has happened to him in the past few days. It's just so easy to panic.

They never did find out what had caused his illness, and I guess we never will know. We heard that Bengals are a little prone to gut disorders, so maybe that is it, I don't know. I just hope this is the last we see of the illness.

Thanks for all your help, everyone !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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What a thread! i was hanging on your every word to find out if your cat was alright!
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He's doing better (Thank God - how horrible worrying is about them)
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Sonia - I was gone for a while and just read about Mozzie and his ordeal! WOW!! I hope that he is doing OK now?
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Thank you so much for asking. Yup, our little Mozzie is doing least his health seems to be. He still sleeps alot,compared to how hyper he used to be, but is eating fine and has put on weight, so maybe his metabolism needs to adjust to the wieght yo-yo effect, other than that he is so much better, thank goodness. That was a very scary couple of days, and I am so glad he's got over his infection. The only thing now is his behaviour, which I shall post about on the Behaviour forum, but in the past 24 hours, he has developed a fear of just about everything that he was fine with and even played with before, like brooms, and curtains. It's all very strange. Anyway, thank you so very much for your concerns and help. Thank goodness there are places like this that people can come for advice and recieve much support in our desperate times.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Sonia - I am glad that he is physically better.
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