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Your Catnames

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Hi @, what are all the catnames you gave?

I had Fred & Festus, Gustav, Eisbär. My parents cats Minka, Henry, Richard, Peter. RIP all of you, I will never forget them.

And now Antares, Maus, Tommie, Jerry and Odin.
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Just Harley!
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My best friend has:

Sirena aka Rena
Fat Cat

I have:
Jack Daniels Joe Mason

My sister has:
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What, ALL of them LOL!? That's almost 50 years worth of cats !

Hmm, let me work my way from the beginning then --- Ming Toy (my first cat memory, I was about 3), Mickey, Wooley Booger (lived to 21), Shado*, Miss Piggy (Shado's kit), Tribble*, Annie, her son Melichus*; and currently Mithril* & Narsil*.

*These are the ones I actually named. Although Tribble's registered name was Mossrose Jade Blue. But she was a pouf as a kitten being a Himalayan Persian so Tribble seemed an appropriate call name.

That's most of them anyway. There were a couple of strays in there as well and a couple of litters of kittens as I recall since we lived in the country from the time I was 15 until 5 years ago.

Hmmm, forgot about my mom's cats that I named --- Polly* (polydactyl), and her kittens Vincent* and Lucy-fur*. All now RB kitties.
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When I was a girl, we had Midnight.

They were technically my roommate's cats, but when I was younger I lived with Tucker, Stella, Dillon, and Riley.

Now...Tailer, Harvey, and Forest.
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I can't remember every one of them, but I'll try.

When I was ten, I moved in with my mother in TX, and we had a stray mama kitty in the neighborhood that brought all her kittens to our house. Her and her kittens names, to the best of my memory, are the following:

Mama Kitty
Mr. Morris (who we believe was her "man")
Little Dude
(and about ten others that I can't remember the names She had at least three litters on our front porch.)

When I was thirteen, we moved to a home by a lake, that happened to be the home of a beautiful little girl kitty I lovingly named Keykat. She still holds a very special place in my heart. Keykat was truly exceptional...we cared so much about each other...I miss her to this day, and still shed tears when I think about her passing on. She was about nine, and died quite suddenly...I never had a chance to truly say goodbye.

I mourned for quite a while for Keykat. My mother was worried for me, and decided I should find a new feline friend, so she went searching. She came across a kitty who'd lost her elderly human friend not too long before, and had lost everything she'd known. So, Mom came home and mentioned to me that she'd seen the ad for the little one, and asked me if I thought it would help me move on. I decided it would really be best for me to at least see her, and see if I could love another kitty yet. The moment I laid eyes on Katie, I knew she needed me as much as I needed her. We mourned together, and helped each other through a truly rough time for both of us. Poor Katie had tear-soaked fur on more than one occassion, and didn't mind a bit. She was wonderful.

At the same time, we had two sisters who we named Curly and Angel. They werent' quite my kitties exclusively, but I loved them nonetheless.

Shortly after turning eighteen, Katie and I moved out, and I got a very tiny boy kitty named Oscar.

Now, at 25, I have two siblings named Sunny and Hobbes. They are wonderful, and so loving. I'm so happy to have their company, as I'm a housewife, and they keep wonderful company when I miss my husband and daughter while they're away at work and at school. My daughter named little Sunny (very fitting since she's such they're both such happy girls), and my husband and I named Hobbes (after the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes). They are the most loving pair of siblings I've ever come across.

Their mama and her sister lived with my former boss. When I found out both the girls were pregnant, I asked my husband what he thought about bringing home one of their kittens. He was VERY skeptical about the idea, not knowing much of anything about kitties, except that they had fur and long tails.

Eventually, he agreed with my thoughts about a kitty being a great addition to our little family, so we started hanging out with the now-brand new kittens that the first sister, Sarah, had. But none of them really struck a chord with us, or seemed to be the right personality. This worried me...the other kitty had a bit of an attitude, complained about things CONSTANTLY, and just wasn't the happiest kitty in the world.

Soupie gave birth about a month after her sister, Sarah. Sunny was the first to be born...the telltale sign Soupie was having them, because she was crawling around on the floor all by herself mewing. Poor little brave Sunny!! Hobbes was the fourth and final baby born. The two of them bonded immediately...bathing each other, playing with each other, never could the two of them be spotted apart! The more I spent time with them, the more Sunny made it clear she'd chosen me as her well as making it VERY obvious she wouldn't come home with us without her brother.

So, we would up taking them both home with us at about four weeks of age. They were so small, their little bellies fit into our hands! *sigh* Memories...

So, there ya go, with the exception of about ten kittens from the beloved Mama Kitty, those are all the kitty names I've had.

Sorry the story's so long!!!

P.S. I just remembered!! During part of the time we had Keykat, we also had Junior the Russian Blue, Nicki the calico, and Tigger the orange & black tabby. I had a feeling I'd missed someone!! Lol...
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Rajah is my cats name.
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Just remembered another...

My parents had a kitty named Princess when I was a baby.

I might have other posts about more I forgot to mention!! LOL...I've had VERY many cats.
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My parents HAD:

My parents HAVE:
PJ (but she has cancer right now )

My sister HAD:

I have:
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Ok, lets see....In order of appearance is:
Half + Half
and Dexter..
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I have Zazu and Mojo But we live With Balu, Sock, waldo and Kleo a friends cats that we are watching till she comes home. All great cats
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Magnum, Boomer, Bumper and Scully and we had a mother and kitten rescued Cinderella and Harley
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As children, my sisters and I had Muff, Puff and Ruff. My daughter had Coon growing up. In my married life, I have had Sparecat, Samuel, Smoke, Betsy, and Max. At present time I have Speedboat and Muffin. Max passed in July.
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currently i have Cable, Pixel & Java. Mouse passed in December 2004. my 1st cat was Medley, a tortoishell. i had a pointed cat for a while named Smoke, but had to rehome her. my ferals have been named Mungojerrie, Moonshadow, Frost, Snowshoe, Jennyanydots, Griddlebone, O.C. [short for outside cat], Grizabella, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Mr. Mistoffolees, Harmony, Melody & Rhythmn.
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Growing up, my family had:

Leroy Brown

Out of all those, only Zack is still around. They were all outdoor cats except for Hilary. (My mom hated dealing with litterboxes but I begged for an indoor cat instead of all the tough mousers my dad kept outside to keep rodents out of the horsefeed.)

Those with * are the ones that I had the privilege of naming.

My fiance and I have Spike and Cotton, whom we named together.

My best friend's cats are Calvin and Vashti. I had no role in naming them, but I think they are cute names and worth mentioning.
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Garfield* and Festus*.
Garfield's brother Odie*.
Festus' siblings Sam*, Doc*, and Mattie* (aka Marshall Dillon), and their Mom Miss Kitty*.
Jackie and Jill.
Puppy Dog, Josie's MiniMe aka Johann.
Sugartoes*, Twinkie*, Smartie*, Zero*, Hershey Kiss*, B.B*.
Will, Josie, Jeff, Captain Feathersword*, Peaches-N-Cream, Tommy*. (Cats in the past 17 months)

Scout, Angel*, Millie*, Willie*, and TigerLily*.
McGustus*. (Cats since 1995)

Wilshire 5000. (Cat from 1980's)
Rusty Jones*.
Friskey. (Childhood cats)

Stars by those I named or helped name. At our house, it is often a group effort. But as Mom, I get veto power! LOL!

Apologies to anyone I forgot!
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Mine in order of appearance (but not necessarily age):

Christmas Tinsel, Tinsel for short
Morning Glory, Glory or Beanse for short
Bunny aka Hunny Bunny
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lets see here... easier for me to go backwards. All of my cats have been strays or dumps (we lived in the country) except for cj who I got from the shelter.

Little girl (no name yet!) (stray, possibly a dump, dont really know for sure)(mine)
CJ (shelter, abused kitten) (mine)
Tigger (dump, someone threw him off a bridge. found by a farmer who took him to the vet, charlie just recently died from CRF and the vet asked if we wanted him, polydactal, lives with my mom and dad)
Charlie (dump she was about 3 weeks old when mom found her, eyes just opened)
Bociephus (after hank williams jr. who sang the monday night football theme) (dump)
Figgaro (stray)
Megaman (dump)

We have never really bought a cat, we just seem to find them when we need a cat. We get the ones no one else wants, but all of our cats have been great. We dont have a problem taking castoffs, we love them all anyway.
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In the order I remember them,
Sugar ; Mama; Butterball; Lady; Buff Puff; Spaz; Squirt; Charlie; Dominiqe; Nashville; Ambriel; Heinous (aka scat).... <<< Deceased and, or Missing/stolen

Gabriel and Karmal Niamh << at mom & dad's

Josie; Kit; (no name for other kitten yet- taking my time to get it right) < mine at home
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My current kitties are...Chuckie, Spyder, Stormy, Winnie, Roo, Crystal and Francine.

Past kitties are way to many to name all of them!!

Partial list includes (these are all RB kitties )
Blackie, Morgan, Rosie, Lucy, (another)Chuckie, Mickey, Alabama, Sammy, Missy, Sadie, Sammy, ....Oh yeah, when I was very young we named a litter of kittens after the Monkees (tells ya how long ago that was!)

And Milo who is not a RB kitty but we had to re-home him about 6 months ago...I really miss him!
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That is in order of age....
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Current kitties: Peanut, Maxie, Grady, Roscoe, Jazzpurr & Simon.

Past kitties: Butchie, Angel, Ripple, Max, Simone, Maxine, Scaredy Cat, Tiger, Shaquille, Miles, Sunny, Bowie & Milo.
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I have in order and age:
Evalynn ----Was a stray
Savanna---- got from the humane society
Mandarin-----Stray from the forest
Jinx-----Stray 3 week old from a garbage
Averee---Stray (I hand rasied her, she passed away at 9 months)
Sophia----Stray from a ca rescue
Zoee----Stray from a shed
Joei-----Stray from the same shed
I love all my babies... They just come to me, all except Savanna...I picked her out, everyone else picked me!!
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When Megan had her first and only litter a few years ago, we gave one of her boy kittens, an orange tabby, to our neighbors. Their children named him "Sunnycupcake." (can you say "A Boy Named Sue?") He has not protested, and has grown up to be a very handsome cat, and almost twice as big as his mother!
Molly and Megan are our only two cats now. Sarge passed on a couple of years ago. Casper is my mom's Himalayan, but since she's in a nursing home now, Casper is in Dad's tender care.
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I grew up with a Simon. Teddi was a cat that I adopted in college (already named). And now we have Pippin and Eowyn.

We picked out Pippin first, and then later when we decided to get his sister too...well, we just stuck with a theme. I had my doubts about the name Eowyn at first, but it does really suits her.
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Mine and my parents only cat is Tigger
see below lol.
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I have owned a lot of cats in my life,'s the memorable ones:

Bruce (female siamese)
Bruce Jr. (female siames, AKA BJ)

Had a litter once, all named after country

the two I have now

John Henry "Doc" Holliday (AKA Doc, my guy, chubba wabbas)
Samich (AKA Sam, Sammy, ankle biter, Dumbass)
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