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Well for the first time since last weekend, not one of my kids is sick!!! No fevers, no crying, no whining, no pains, no thermometers, no doctor runs, and no bad moods. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there is me........sick as a dog, but I dont' even care now. As long as they are better than I am happy.
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Hahaha!! YEY for you Daniela!!!! :blubturq: (hope YOU feel better soon!!)
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I am so happy they are better - I know how worried you were about your son. I hope that you also feel better soon!
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Thats such good news that your kids are all better! Now its time for you to feel better.
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I am so happy to hear your kids are all better!!!

I hope you will be feeling better soon, as well!!!!

I am also sick, so I know how you feel...I have a bad headache, and ache all over, and my throat is sore. It sucks, doesn't it.

Hopefully we will both feel better tomorrow.
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