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what makes you proud of your cat?

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My friend has a story about her cat Hobbes: one day she was on her balcony of her 3rd floor apartment refinishing a dresser. She didn't want to get sanding dust in the apartment, so shut the door. When she did, the security pole slipped into place, thus locking her out! So she's sitting there, wondering just what to do (no phone, no one around, too high up to jump) when Hobbes came along and started playing with the pole. She kept swatting it and eventually actually pulled it up out of the door track! Rescued by the cat! Needless to say, she was well rewarded!
Anyone else have some proud moments to share?
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Originally Posted by pushylady
My friend has a story about her cat Hobbes: one day she was on her balcony of her 3rd floor apartment refinishing a dresser. She didn't want to get sanding dust in the apartment, so shut the door. When she did, the security pole slipped into place, thus locking her out! So she's sitting there, wondering just what to do (no phone, no one around, too high up to jump) when Hobbes came along and started playing with the pole. She kept swatting it and eventually actually pulled it up out of the door track! Rescued by the cat! Needless to say, she was well rewarded!
Anyone else have some proud moments to share?
That is an awesome story!!! She is so lucky!!!
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I'm sure a lot of you have been through this before... I overslept yesterday and woke up with Lucas loud meows, something he never does in the morning (specially since his feeding time is when I get home from work). I was only 15 minutes late to work at the end (though it was no breakfast or shower and I never got dressed so fast), but if it wasn't for Lucas, I would've been at least a couple of hours (that's how tired I was!)
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Both my cats are excellent "therapy" cats. (In fact, I wish I had realised this sooner, so we could have crate-trained Spike to take him to visit patients in hospitals; now, he gets too worked up going in the crate--or worse, in the dreaded car--for this to be a viable plan.)

I suffer from frequent migraines, and when I inevitably make my way home from work, the cats follow me into the bathroom and sit with me while I'm sick. They then follow me into the bedroom and curl up with me, and will follow me to the bathroom every time I get up. This is different behaviour from when I'm just napping because it's a nice day for napping; when I'm sick, my cats become very solicitous of me and I'm not allowed to go anywhere without a feline escort.

Also, this past year has been very challenging for me: I was sick from Christmas well into February, my mother had a heart attack, I lost both my great aunt and my paternal grandmother, plus changes with my living arrangements and with my job. Whenever I needed to sit down and have a good cry (I am almost incapable of breaking down in front of other people), one or both of my cats will be there with me, ready for a cuddle. Oz, in particular, is an excellent hugging cat: he's very solid, and leans into the hug--he enjoys being hugged. Anybody who claims that cats aren't sensitive to the moods of their humans needs to come stay with me and mine for a couple of weeks, because my cats know when something's wrong with mommy.
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So many things to choose from. First, all my cats sit on command (especially when there is food involved). That's an every day thing, but a special thing happend recently. Let me just say that my Isaac is an extreemly handsome dude, but he is not one of those in your face lovey cats. He wants to play with me but petting is not a daily thing. I was laying in bed after a very bad day & I started to cry a little. Isaac came up & laid by me & looked at me like what's wrong. I said "Momma's OK, she's just a little sad." He reached his paw out & very gently touched my face, then moved it right to where the tear was. Well it was such a sweet gesture that I forgot all about being sad.
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We have lots and lots of proud moments with Forest around. He's disabled (CH), and there's so much that we never thought he'd be able to do that he's surprised us with! When he first came to live with us, he couldn't get his back legs to stay up under him and tended to pull himself around by his front legs. Now, he runs, jumps, even climbs. His latest accomplishment is that he managed to climb up on the desk in the family room. He thinks he's king of the world up there!
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Cats ALWAYS know when something is wrong with their Mummies and Daddies!

Whenever I would cry, my cats would always come and headbutt me and then lie down next to me and purr their little hearts out! How can you still be sad when they are around?
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- He doesn't jump on the counter
- He doesn't claw up the furniture
- He knows who to bite and who to not bite (Yeah get him Jacky!)
- He doesn't stick his butt in my face while I'm trying to sleep
- He knows his "Bed time"
- The only times he scratches me is when I'm wrestling with him
- He's a lover not a hater
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She sat in a tiny case under my seat for about 20 hours total of traveling from Japan to New York without crying or peeing!!

Awhile ago when she got stuck in a tree, so knew not to jump, but just call for her mommy and wait for me (ok, actually my dad, cause he's taller) to go get her.
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I'd have to say I'm tremendously proud of all of my babies, as well as the not-really-my-babies who are outside kitties. We evacuated from Lake Charles because of Hurricane Rita, and they were all troopers! We had to put them three to a carrier because we took the outsiders with us as well and didn't have much space in the blazer. Over the course of our 10 hour drive to Baton Rouge (125 miles) in ninety degree temps with no a/c; nobody got sick, nobody pooped/peed everywhere, and we didn't have any fights. They all behaved beautifully. I also have to add a special thanks to our friends in Baton Rouge, George and Anne, who took us, two friends who had noplace to go, and 11 cats into their home for the two weeks before we could come back to Lake Charles. Everyone doing excellent and settling back in now, and I'm extremely grateful for my sweet babies.
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you had to ask...

firstly, i'm proud of both of them because they don't

scratch furniture
trash the house
fight with each other
attack anyone
or steal food.

i'm also proud because of how well they get along, you would think they were sisters, they sleep, play and eat together, they even eat out of the same bowl, they clean each other and you can just tell they love each other so much and because they are both like miniture shadows, they follow me everywhere!

i'm proud of bonnie because she is the most mellow cat ever, she's like a giant teddy bear, she never scratches and you can just hug her for hours, i'm also proud of her for putting up with me for eight years

i'm proud of pandy because everytime i'm sad or crying she's there in a flash, head butting me, kissing me and sitting on my lap, she won't leave until i at least laugh lol, once i'm okay she will leave but it's like she really cares for me and when i'm sad, her affection really does cheer me up, it's hard not to smile when you have a cat head butting you from every angle and kissing your nose i'm also proud that pandy sleeps next to me everynight without fail, and if i'm having trouble getting to sleep her purring always helps.

i'm proud of anassa because she has recently gotten a lot braver, just the other week we went camping and she was playing with a crab and boy was she fast! she never used to do stuff like that

here's a few photo's of her in action -

i'm also proud of my mothers cat whiskers, once a big dog from next door had bonnie bailed up against the back stairs and whiskers came flying from out of nowhere and hissed and scratched this dog, it ran away with it's tail between it's legs
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Floss did something similar for her sister Candy - the two of them never got on much, but Candy was a real pushover, really soft and soppy. I mean, she would catch mice and then not have a clue what to do with them after that, so she would simply let them go again. She was backed up in a corner of the garden while this enormous tom was sniffing around and being a real nasty character to her, and then this tiny brown fuzzball flew in all claws and hiss and chased him off, even though he was three times her size!

Tosca has yet to prove to me that she's slightly less dense than a brick, but I suppose there's plenty of time for that!
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I'm so proud of my sweet Sierra for gradually adapting to Serenity as she, one small step at a time, learns to be such a wonderful big sister! She's doing better than I ever could have imagined!
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My girls have been wonderful with accepting Max into my life, moving house and accepting Ruby as well. Beautiful things...
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Samich can fetch, like a dog he brings his toys back!

And Doc is my rock to comfort me when Im bummed!
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I'm so proud of how much more brave Eponine is than she was when I first got her almost 4 years ago. I think she may have been feral for some time because she was scared of EVERYTHING.

She took to me rather quickly, but in recent years she has sort of "taken" to more people- my mother, my old roommate, and Bradley especially. I'm also BEYOND proud of how good she has been with Cosette- she really treats her like she's her baby sometimes . I could not be prouder of Miss Eppie!

I'm also proud of Cosette for being so sweet to her big sister. She knows when to back off with the playfulness and generally stays out of Eppie's hair when it's obvious she isn't in the mood to play. Cosy's my little Einstein .
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I'm proud of my cats because they've all done so well at shows and have lots of titles beside their name!
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This a wonderful thread!

I'm proud of my baby girl Katie for being such a good, sweet, accepting girl through all of the change I've inflicted on her - many moves (including one across the Atlantic ocean when she was still a baby) and the introduction of three crazy kittens over the years. Through it all, she's been my steadfast friend and has tolerated everything with great feline patience.

I'm proud of my little Gracie for being such a survivor and have so much spunk. I've been told that before I adopted her as a tiny kitten she would
she would push her way through the adult cats in the feral colony where she was born in order to get to the food. A few times she was even seen jumping over the top of them to land directly in the bowl left by the feeder. She was clearly scared when I brought her home, but she quickly made herself at home, letting it be known that I'm her meowmy and Katie is "her" cat.

With Peter, I'm proud of how far he's come in the past year. When I first met Peter last fall, he was a frightened feral kitten who hissed and ran to hide behind his mother when someone opened their kennel and cringed when anyone reached to pet him. While his siblings warmed up quickly to human contact, Peter remained timid and tense. A year later, he's still very shy
around people he doesn't know, but with me he's become the sweetest, most gentle cat I can imagine.
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Oh wow...that's WONDERFUL!! Go, Hobbes!!

(We have a male Hobbes...always funny to read about another Hobbes out there!)
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Willow used to hate cats, but when Buffy came as a 4 week old orphan, Willow took her under her wing (they were playing together in just a couple of weeks). Willow used to be terrified of my dog, Jake. Whenever he came into view, she would shrink down wherever she was and hope he didn't see her. If he did see her and chased her, she would just run away. But when Buffy came, she stood her ground a little more. One day Jake, Buffy, and Willow were with me and my sister in my parent's room. Buffy was on the clothes shelf thing, Willow was under the bed, and me and Jake were on the bed. Eventually my sister decided to bring Buffy to the room next door, my room. So she reaches up for Buffy, Jake immediately sits straight up and stares (he's a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix) and Buffy squawked, as she always does when someone tries to pick her up when Jake is around. My sister then takes her around the corner to my room, and when she disappears, Jake jumped off the bed and started scrabbling for her. I was holding onto his leash so he was just slipping and sliding, panting and wheezing ("C'mon, lemme at her! Lemme at her!"). As I got to the corner where we turn, I felt this wierd warmth on the back of my legs, then pain, and then heard a shrilly cat siren meow. I look back, and Willow is standing at the doorway of my parent's room, puffed up, side facing us, and growling. Jake doesn't even notice her, he's so intent on watching what my sister was doing with Buffy (putting her on the bed). So then Willow comes forward again, starts lashing at my legs and Jake's legs and then backed off to the doorway of my parent's room again. Again Jake didn't even acknowledge her existance, he just kept staring. So she runs forward again and kind of races up alongside Jake, using his side as a scratching post (you know, using it to sort of pull herself forward?). Now she was standing and snarling at the other end of the hall and this time Jake had noticed her. So they're doing a little stand off, Willow warbling and meowing, Jake just staring in interest, my sister finally coming to see what the screams (human) were about. As my sister got to the doorway, Willow ran forward again and latched onto Jake's face like velcro. Jake, in turn, lunged forward and shoved his face into Willow's belly. So they're scrabbling around like that, Willow refusing to let go of Jake's face, me and my sister screaming at Willow to "GET OFF!!" (normally we'd be telling Jake to back off instead). Eventually Willow lets go of Jake and runs off back down to the end of the hallway, where she starts growling again. My sister runs after her and chases her down the stairs, so she can shut the door and keep her from attacking Jake again. When I checked Jake, his muzzle was gushing blood. It looked worse than it was, actually, the bleeding stopped in 5 minutes. But then Jake saw Willow standing on the other side of the door (it's made of glass and wood, so you can see to the other side). So Jake naturally charges at the door, growling and snarling and just being overall frightening. Willow, on the other side, just sits up straight and screamed back. I swear, it was like two teenage siblings screaming and cussing at each other, but this was scarier. So I took Jake outside and we brought Buffy (who acted oblivious to the whole thing) downstairs so Willow could check her over. That was over a year ago, but I still have scars on the backs of my legs, lol

Willow then attacked Jake 3 more times in other incidents, but this time we got more warnings. She would step in front of Buffy (one time she looked like she was cradling Buffy between her legs) and then we had to get Jake out of there or else she would drop down and latch onto him again. It took 3 times before we got the message and started taking him away. She now attacks him more often, but not to the level as the first 3 or 4 incidents. This time she'll sort of run at him, hop up and down on his back, and then run off. The other day she bolted outside so I brought Jake out to help me round her up (she always loses her composure when he comes around, so she doesn't feel like having fun anymore). Well, this time I think she started to understand I would never let Jake hurt her, so she got bold. Now when she started to run from me, I would have Jake go after her (for him to go around in front of her, to stop her running). Well, as soon as he got alongside her, she stopped, dashed at him, swatted, spat, and then took off again. So it was like that until I finally managed to corner her and catch her myself.
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I'm proud of my newest kitty because she bonded with me! I had a difficult time bonding with any animal for 2 1/2 years but it only took one night with her.
I'm proud of my daughter's kitty because she lets my 2 yr. old do anything she wants without biting or scratching (she just hollers for me to save her)
I'm proud of my outside kitty for never running away and never letting a mouse into my house.

Naturally there are numerous other reasons, I just don't want to bore everyone with every little thing....
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My daughter has a 2yr old Devon Rex cat, as well as playing fetch, she can pull the cord on her vibrating mouse to make it work. She holds the mouse in her paws and pulls the cord with her teeth.
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Great stories everyone! There are so many wonderful cats out there.
Pushkin made me proud when he defended his brother from a loose dog. We were out walking the cats on leashes when this dumba$$ guy came by with his dog off leash. The dog see Wiggies and thought "what fun!" and chased him round and round my husband while we desperately tried to grab him. Mr Dumba$$ just stood there watching! Well, Pushkin decided that was enough already, and came running out from the tree he was hiding under and went straight for the dog, hissy-fitting away! The dog finally left, and I grabbed poor little Wiggies and ran inside.

Wiggies is quite adept at getting stuck up trees. He made me proud once when he got stuck really high up and was clinging on meowing away. I couldn't reach him or climb up to rescue him, so I stood underneath talking calmly to him. He looked down at me and realised he could trust me. So he let go with his hind legs and dangled there for a moment before letting go so I could catch him! Little doofus! Then he just wandered off like nothing happened! He's always using me to jump on! I'm just glad I can be of service to my cats.
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Reilly always knows when we are sick or sad and he will stay by our sides to help cheer us up.
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