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Sick kitty - Please help!

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I'm so mad right now, because my cat is obviously very sick, but the vet won't take him until tomorrow afternoon!! It's the only place in town and we have no where else to go. I'm furious and feel so helpless. But I'm wondering if you guys have any insight on my poor cat.

Yesterday he, Max, threw up, probably around 5 pm. We weren't too worried because my other cat often eats too quickly and throws her food back up. Well, Max was then walking around crying oddly. By this time, I was worried, but the vet's office was closed already.

This morning, I found him in our garage (because we didn't want him to throw up anymore in the house) lying by the water bowl. He barely lifted his head to acknowledge me, and when I started to pet him, he stood on very wobbly legs. This is completely opposite of him, and I knew by then he was really sick. I had to go to school, but my mom made sure to call the vet's office as soon as they opened in the morning. Turns out, we have to make an appointment because they're so booked - and the appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday, in the afternoon. When a cat is sick, you don't make them wait until the next day and hope they're still curable! I'm furious that they won't take him, and I'm going to have my mom call again and pray they let us in, but AHH!

We don't know what's wrong with the poor guy, but it's serious. He's almost completely immobile, and so sad! I don't know what wrong with him - it seems to have hit so fast! The only odd thing I noticed about him before was that for a week or two, he had occasionally been squatting down like he was trying to pee. I didn't think too much of it though.

Do anyone have any advice? I'm so emotional right now and I appologize if my post didn't make much sense. But please, please, anything to help would be very appreciated!!! My poor baby.
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the only advice i have is to just show up at the vet's with the cat & insist he be seen - tell them you won't leave till he gets looked at.
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I agree...go now!
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Call your vet, let them know what the symptoms are. Let them know you will be there first thing in the morning to drop him off. If they can't see him then, at least he will be there in case anything happens.

If he is trying to pee, but not peeing, that is serious! That is not something to wait on.

Good luck. Some Cooperation Vibes coming your way.
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Ah! I just typed up a response but it messed up. I'll make it short this time because I don't have the heart to type it all again.

Thank you all for your help, but sadly, we lost him.

Right after I posted the last message, my mom came in and said we were just going to go to the vets and hope they took him. By then Max couldn't even hold his head up.

The vet thankfully took him in. Max's bladder was really swollen, and he wasn't getting much air. The vet thought it was his kidneys and so they took him into the operating room to try and drain some fluids. Sorry I'm awful with details.

Just after my mom and I got home, they called to tell us that Max's heart had stopped on the operating table.

I'm pretty torn up right now. I just wish I would have recognized the symptoms with him squatting weirdly, although he was peeing until recently (peed in my mom's bag). Nothing can be done now... I miss him already. He was such a big teddy bear and was never afraid to give me a piece of his mind. It's so hard to say goodbye. Rest in peace, Max.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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I am sorry you lost Max. Urinary tract infections can hit quickly and sadly because cats don't show pain (or try their hardest not to) sometimes it is just to late to help them. You did your best by him, and at least you got him in to be seen. There have been times when the vets have been booked over here, and I just scoop up the cat and take him in anyway. They usually work me in.
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Oh how sad. I am so sorry for your loss.
When you feel ready...please post a tribute thread to your beloved Max on the Bridge Forum.
RIP sweet Max.
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I am so very sorry for your loss!!! Don't beat yourself you about it - you can't change the past and you did as much as you could for him. Cats try to mask pain and thus it can be tough to know if they are ill. Take care of yourself!!
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I am so sorry about Max
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Thanks for the condolences guys, it really has helped.

I think I was in shock the last time I posted, but it's starting to sink in now. It's hard! I miss him so much and I keep thinking of all the goofy things he did and start bawling again.
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Oh no... I'm so sorry for your loss... it's so sad! I'm really furious that your vet wouldn't take him in... usually they'll take emergency cases in right away, like Hissy said. If the poor cat's collapsed how the heck could he wait another day???!! It's beyond me really... I'm sure they could always prioritize.

Don't blame yourself for the loss of your beloved Max... I'm sure you loved him and wanted the best for him. It just hit too suddenly, and with vets like those at your area... well, it probably just couldn't be helped.

Darn... it's such a pity My sincere condolences...
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I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. God bless your heart and give you strength. I am sorry your vet showed no concern for your sick cat. If you ever face that experience again, I wouldn't call. I would just show up and tell them it is an emergency. Don't beat yourself up for what happened. I loss my cat named Max in July. Having experienced what you are going through now, my best advice to you is cry when and all you want to. It helps. Also take comfort in your memories. We are all thinking of you and if you need to talk more, feel free to send me a PM.
To your precious Max: You were a loved cat. We are so sorry for the pain you had but we know you don't have it now. You look there at the bridge for a big black and white tuxedo cat named Max and he will keep your company.
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I am sorry to hear about your Max.
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so sorry to hear this - for you. Little Max - look for a big, gray cat named Mouse - she's been at the RB for over 6 months, & she'll look out for you!
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What a sad story. I also am shocked that the vet made him wait. My vet has triage rules posted right up front: Emergencies before appointments!

Poor Max. I am so sorry you lost him. My thoughts are with you.
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I am so very sorry you lost your sweet Max. It's very clear that you loved him dearly and did everything you could for him--it was your vet who let poor Max down, NOT you!! Male cats are especially susceptible to urinary blockages, which is what Max apparently had--there are some foods out there specially formulated to help ward off that problem. Still, it's a very sneaky problem, and as others have said, cats are very good at hiding their discomfort. You have every right to grieve for Max, you loved him and you miss him. It's okay to cry and feel lonely for him. Just please don't start blaming yourself, because you did all you could to help him. I find that sometimes when I miss one of my cats that has crossed over the Bridge, it helps me just to sit down and write a letter to my cat. Just as if I were talking directly to him. Just say whatever is in your heart. It helped with my grief, and maybe it will help with yours. I wish you comfort--and for Max, RIP little boy you will never suffer again and you will be forever happy and surrounded with love.
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How terribly sad! Poor little Max! I think you need to check around for a new vet. It was probably too late to save Max, but his suffering would have been less if the vet would have seen him sooner.

My vet lives next door to his practice, and we have to call for an appt in case he is not there. But he has always seen us when we call with an emergency! (Of course, we live in the sticks, so maybe it is busier there...)

Condolences on the loss of your beloved cat. Rest in peace, little one!
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I'm so, so very sorry for your loss But know that you did everything possible for Max.

I would do the same thing as Hissy does and take them straight to the surgery regardless of having an appointment, because if they turned me away they'd lose a client for good.
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Im sorry for your loss. Max's memory will live on in your heart.
Heed some of these posts, hopefully there will not be a next time with another cat but if so insist that the vet see him. if not, dive to the next towns vet anything.

Cats are very good at hiding when they do not feel well. usually by the time you notice something different with your cat, it is truely time to see the vet. and by the time he really looks sick, hes in trouble.

You did everything that you knew of to help Max. cherish his memory and find comfort knowing he is romping around chasing flies over the bridge happy and at peace. I hope your heart heals from his loss soon.

RIP dear Max.
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Condolences on your loss of MAX...he's pain-free & happily enjoying his time over RB, till you are together again. And, if my elders are right, he is playing with those yet to be born, including your future kitties! I know how hard it can be to get vet care in a small town. When I lost my horse to colic (over 30 years ago), the only vet was busy with a calving heifer, and the best that we could do was call a rancher to bring his gun; it was so horrible, that day. The shock is hard to deal with, I know. Just remember that you can play your memories of Max like a DVD, and he will be with you forever. Hugs, Susan
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i am so very sorry

RIP Max - enjoy the bridge little one
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