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Getting Stormy fixed....

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Do any of you get sad about taking your cat/kitten to the vet to get fixed? Stormy goes in next Monday and wont come home until Tuesday evening and I cant get over how sad I feel about it. Mainly her having to be there without any love stuck in a cage until I come back to get her. Im sure they give her attention and check on her but I think you all know what I mean. I was telling my husband how I wish we could pick her up the same day but I know they need to monitor her and make sure shes ok. We went through it with our dog and she was OK. Very very glad to see us when we picked her up but she survived.
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Oh - we all have gone through this - she'll be just fine. Leave a T-shirt that you have worn for her to cuddle with- should make her feel better.
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What an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for suggesting it.
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oops.....lol I was going to say hummmm do you think the vet will let her have a blanket that she sleeps on?? Im not even sure they will let her have anything but it got me thinking.
Is there anyone who has sent their kitty to be fixed with anything special???
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No not really, it is such a routine procedure, its really no big deal to me. I have only had one of my cats left at a clinic overnight, the others were fixed at a mobile clinic and I got them back the same day.
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Well since these are our first kitties of our own, yes I was a little upset when I had to take them in to get fixed.
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If its any help i bawled my eyes out both times when i had to hand Rosie and Sophie over

She'll be fine don't worry, and she''ll be home before you know it

They couldn't wait to get Sophie out because she was meowing the place down and stressing other cats and dogs!
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I have to take my two boys in for castration in just under two weeks and I'm dreading it, God knows what I'd be like if they had to stay overnight!
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I have to admit that I have been scared everytime with all of my animals. Not about the procedure, but about me not being with them...
I have gone to the vet though, hours after the procedure was over and pet them in the cage, just to let them know that I was not gone..I don't know if it made them feel any better, but it sure made me feel better..
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I felt so sad that it was necessary for my sweet furbabies to go through this. I hated having Dexter's rather handsome "nubbins" removed. I was very sad that Sadie would never have kittens but....it was the right this to do for them & society.

They did just fine and now almost 5 years later I don't regret it at all. Dexter still has 2 adorable little Tom Cat buds & Sadie is just fine.

I do understand your feelings. You are not alone.
I drove the vet's office nuts by calling for updates about their recovery.

Please update after their surgery to let us know how all of you are doing.
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I drove my vet's staff crazy calling them. LOL Yes, I was nervous about it, but for the most part, your Stormy is going to be under anesthesia and then sleeping it off. She won't be lying there hurting; she'll be out.

Yes, she will be confused and upset before the surgery, but she will survive, and so will you. Just give her plenty of love when you get her home.
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Thanks everyone!!
VIbiana....thats what my girlfriend keeps telling me. It wont be like Stormys going to be in her cage just crying for me. Shes going to have been drugged up so she will probablly be sleeping alot. I just hate to think shes going to be miserable and I cant love on her some. I know she will be fine........three more days until the big event.
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