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Originally Posted by decadenz
Well, first you need a host site like (its free don't worry) then , you upload the images from your digital camera onto your computer, from the computer onto the site, and once you have uploaded the picture, copy paste the [IMG] code into your siggy and voila!
Darwen...? No, my friend spellt it wrong by accident lol and, I'm pretty sure that Sam would go nuts, she's sooooo protective of Darwin (if you came and took him.)
Thanks for Darwin's compliments!

If you want a banner, I had a friend make it for me. I can ask her if you want. All I need is Pics and a font.
PM me if you want one.

(and the name of your furbaby) :p

Hey Laurr, thanks a lot for the advice. I shall scout around for suitable photos of my babies I actually have an account at Photobucket, just that I have no idea how to make it a siggy-sized siggy-looking thing hehe... Thanks for offering your friend's help, I'll get back to you on that. By the way, somehow or other, I'm not able to PM you. It says you have chosen not to receive any PMs.
Oh. Well e-mail me at