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Music loving cat

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Two things by way of introduction.

I play clarinet, have played since I was a kid. Back in the day, we had a dog, who hated the clarinet. He'd go hide in the darkest corner of the basement to get away from it. My cat's aren't that bad, but they definitely leave the room when I start playing.

My upstairs neighbour have a kitty. They are away for a month, and have someone apartment sitting (and cat sitting), but she doesn't spend much time here. So I have let their cat come in and play, just so she doesn't get lonely. And she's here this morning.

I started practicing. She stayed where she was perched, on the arm of the chair across the room. She stared at me, watched every move I made, and would lie down to listen when I played.

After a few minutes, she hopped down from the chair, and I thought, well, she's just like my cats, leaving the room. But no, she wanted a closer look. She sat on the floor right in front of the music stand, I think trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. Then lay down on the floor, right between my feet, and stared up into the bell of the clarinet. And stayed there for the rest of the practice session.

Either she's deaf or she loved clarinet music. And I know she's not deaf....
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A feline audience, how purr-fect!
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Poor kitty has probably been going nuts for years, trying to figure out where the beautiful music is coming from! Now she knows!

My Dad played clarinet in a band for years! Now my son plays the trumpet. Luckily for the cats, he never practices! (Such a bad boy, happy to be 5th or 6th seat!)
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aaaawwww, that's cute. Gives you something to play for now.
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That's really neat! My cats are like yours - they leave when DH starts playing piano.
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Love your story!! My kitties are not keen aboutr the piano - it is too LOUD I think but they enjoy the guitar and like music from the radio, except opera, lol Then they whine - loud Siamese yowls and saucy Sphynx meows, lol
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for the most part, my cats have ignored the piano, & they seem to enjoy my singing to them. they are very interested in the whistling! but i had one who 'sang' with me whenever i sang while playing the piano... & only when the piano was involved!
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Awwwww, that's so cute!!

Lola likes to sit in my lap when I practice...she's very appreciative of the flute literature
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