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Angel took a nibble off my begonia leaf (not a flowering begonia). I got her to drink some water and she ate a few treat biscuits. She didn't eat much of the leaf....

What should I watch for in her?

ugh. Last night she ate a crab apple... boy was that fun to clean up when she went to the potty.

Having a puppy makes me not want kids.......
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Hi Ali - I don't have any tips for you, but I guess the obvious thing would be to watch diarrhea, vomiting, if your baby is acting listless...any distinct changes after eating it. Otherwise, I think if it doesn't *agree* with her, you will see it. LOL

But I did jump in here to share that my two cats have given me enough to worry about and care about that I don't think I want kids either! LOL I also had to share that Napoleon loves human food. I put some mushrooms from a pizza in the pizza box before taking it down to the garbage last night. Napoleon LOVES pizza. LOL. I put the box on the floor so I could pick up some other garbage and he opens the box with his paw and starts eating the mushrooms! LOL I feel bad for my boyfriend...he'll have to clean the litterbox LOL.
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