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Ok..I have to interject here. I think that it is obvious that the woman is insane. I think her husband should be charged with something. Why did he continue to get her pregnant if he knew that she was this sick. I feel, like many others, that she should spend the rest of her life SOMEWHERE, whether it be prison or the hospital. Death is too easy, and I don't know that this is the appropriate sentence anyway. My only other question is..where did all this tension come from? So many people are reading into everything! Remember people that we have always had different opinions, didn't we? Welcome to America....
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GOOD POINT JUICY!!!!!!!!!!!! HI WAYNE, HI CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think HE should be held responsible in some way - SORRY. He KNEW SHE WAS ILL FOR YEARS. HE HAD TO. He chose to ignore it - knock her up again, yea that will make it go away. Good Idea, Buddy.

My sister is Bi-Polar. When she has an episode, she is NOT THE SAME PERSON I KNOW. She sees things, hears things, is paranoid, rambles about stuff you can't even make heads or tails out of, gets physically sick. YOU KNOW SHE'S HAVING AN EPISODE - IT'S OBVIOUS. And its very hard and frustrating to deal with as a family member (believe me - scary as hell), but mentally ill people need support! THIS WOMAN GOT NO SUPPORT!

If the husband didn't know, he's a freaking moron. I can't see how he could not know - it's his wife for crissakes. Shame on him for ignoring it. Fortunately, my sister is on the other end of the scale - "did I hurt someone?!?! please tell me I didn't!!!", etc.... she gets scared that she did something she can't remember and freaks out that way. I keep close tabs on my sister to make sure SHE is okay, and to make sure she doesn't DO something to herself or someone else (if you knew her, you would know she would never hurt a flea, but YOU DON'T KNOW WITH MENTAL ILLNESS).

Luckily, my sister is adamant about taking her meds and going to the doctor for her thyroid (another wonderfuly medical condition contributing to her illness). Unfortunately, she's seasonal, and every spring and fall..... episode. I am happy to report, the last one she had (this past fall), she handled it without having to be hospitalized for the first time in 6 years! THIS IS HUGE FOR SOMEONE W/MENTAL ILLNESS. But the only reason she got thru is because she had MY FAMILY TO HELP HER!

He knew and HE ALLOWED IT TO ESCALATE to the point where she killed her and HIS CHILDREN - who is sicker? Him or the wife? You cannot tell me he didn't know. Oh, yea, normal people walk around in tiny circles talking to themselves and ripping their hair out EVERY DAY.

what a jackass.
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I second that Janet!
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Thanks! I say let him rot in jail, too....... it seems to me he was more concerned with appearances than REALITY. Just think, If he did interviene, it probably never woulda escalated to killing all her children.
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Originally posted by Colonelklink
She made a mistake? Are you serious about that? According to the transcripts, she planned this whole murder plot for 2 years! 2 years! If that doesn't show she is guilty, I don't know what does ....... I really think she should be drowned just the way she did to her poor kids. Hell, she had to chase down the oldest son ..... I cannot imagine what he must have gone thru! I don't buy her innocent by insanity b.s. Hopefully, the jury will see right through that!
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Tigger- Don't worry, this lady (and I use that term very loosely) will get whats coming to her for this. If not by the jury, definitely by unseen forces.
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Tigger, I went back and read my post..I didnt say that she made a mistake. I don't believe that she did! I feel that she is guilty, but for crying out loud- she is ILL! I believe she needs to spend the rest of her life locked up somewhere.

Janet- I completely agree about the husband. I feel that his BIGGEST mistake was getting her pregnant again (no excuses about this please)...especially since he says how sick she is. My husband is too Bi-Polar...there are many things done in a manic phase that people would never understand. Fortunately, his illness is at a low level. My brother in law wasn't as lucky..he totaled over $20,000 in debts in 2 months...with no reasoning for it. I know, I know, he didnt kill anyone, but this is just an example of wreckless behavior that sick people make!
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I don't know how many read the news on the internet, read the newspapers, etc. but after her case, do you know how many mothers have killed their children & have claimed insanity ..... I heard of one in Arizona that attacked her kids with an axe! You watch ...... because of this there are going to be others just like her just so they don't have to pay for their actions. It's almost like the school shooting ..... all it takes is 1 person to start the whole thing up.
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Originally posted by juicelyn0527
My brother in law wasn't as lucky..he totaled over $20,000 in debts in 2 months...with no reasoning for it. I know, I know, he didnt kill anyone, but this is just an example of wreckless behavior that sick people make!
yea, my sis kinda goes on those shopping sprees - bought a truck when she shouldn't have, and then a few weeks later...episode.She has curbed it considerably. I think for most people, it is VERY hard to comprehend and understand mental illness... believe me, they don't CHOOSE to be ill... my sister hates it and dreads the episodes. Some mentally ill i'm sure do use it to their advantage or an excuse, unfortunately, so I think people just assume that ALL mentally ill people use it as an excuse. It was so hard for my mother to come to terms with it - she still gets defensive and bitchy about the whole deal .... I'm tellin ya.....
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Originally posted by Colonelklink
I'm not trying to start anything with you, Philip, I'm not saying I am totally sure she deserves to die, or not, but.....

A mistake???

A mistake is when I forget to put a stamp on my letter and I mail it, a mistake is when I go up to someone and say hi, then realize it's not who I thought it was, a mistake is when I hit the wrong key on the keyboard.
killing 5 innocent children is not a mistake in my book.

That's like saying Bin Laden made a little mistake. Clearly he is insane too...maybe we should just lock him up instead of killing him when we find him, if he only made a mistake.

Like I said, I am not flaming you, and I respect your right to your opinion, but my gosh, a mistake????
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Originally posted by Debby

I'm not trying to start anything with you, Philip, I'm not saying I am totally sure she deserves to die, or not, but.....

A mistake???
ah, deb - I think he's pullin your leg there..... :tounge2:
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Debby, do you really think Bin Laden in insane? I think he is just full of himself!!!! I agree that this woman didn't make a mistake...I do think that her actions were not all her own..does that make sense? My husband doesn't consciously stay up all night, nor does he intentionally get really hyped on sleeping medication, he doesn't choose to get uncontrollably irritable for a week, nor does he choose to become obsessed with straightening the kitchen or the location of my clothes basket. She is wrong- but I dont think that frying her will solve the problem. I also think that maybe as it was mentioned above that we should look at this closely...I mean, perhaps this is an eye-opener for the way we treat our mentally ill?!?!?! Maybe we should be doing more for the mothers that are this ill...
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As far as Bin Laden, I was just trying to make a point. I think he's an insane person, but if he isn't he is a horrible horrible man, with some majorly screwed up beliefs, that's for sure!! I think he knows full well what he's doing, I was just making a point, or trying to.

I do have compassion for the mentally ill, I do think it is sad she didn't get treatment long before she killed her children, there definatley were warning signs.

It is all just so very sad.
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When this poor lady is set free, I really think that she should not be allowed to have children for a probationary period of no less than 3 years however. I really think that the husband is at fault too, I agree with you jinxy. He needs to spend a few months in jail to help him get straightened out.
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She should never be allowed to have children, and they should make sure she can't.
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What's really sad is that she's being lynched here and that only a few would see that she's insane...it's like the medievil times when a person would accuse a woman to be a witch when she displayed unacceptable tendencies.

..."She's a witch, we have to kill her." So, if they tied rocks around her and threw her into the water. If she wasn't a witch she sink to the bottom. If she didn't sink it was because the water wouldn't accept any part of Satan. Guess how many floated. NONE.

Who showed more traits of being evil then when they actually put an innocent woman to death. This is merely an analogy. Obviously this woman is not innocent of her actions but she's insane. Is she a serial killer? Was she convicted of other crimes before? Did she beat her children incessantly? She is sick but should not be released for fear that she may do it again, but to give her the death penalty (and it's obviously very clear that she's insane) is as sick as throwing the woman into the lake.

Her husband, being that he took the responsibility to conceive more children knowing of her condition is pretty damn sick himself...but insane...I don't think so. She's been pulling her hair out, delusional, talking to the voice in her head and he knew this. Why isn't he on trial????

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I feel that she should be able to adopt however, there is no post pardom depression with adoption. Then when her husband getsw out of jail, they can start a family over again. Everyone deserves another chance I feel.
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MISTAKE??? PROBATION???? No way. When you drown all 5 of your children you didn't do it by mistake, that would be an intentional act on her part. Probation let's think really hard about that one, hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm, let her out of jail because she made a mistake, make her wait three years, than she has another child, than possibly three or four more, and oops, she makes another mistake by drowning these five. This equation would be figured out like this:
5 children + water = drowning, drowning is = a mistake, so you have drowning + mistake = probation, probation + 5 new children = mistake.
My theory about this idea is let's watch history repeat it's self.
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But look at it this way.5 poor children gone + An Ill mother on death row + husband in jail for six months = SAD SITUATION. Now look at this: Mother + Father + Adoptive children with no home = New chance at life. Forgive and Forget is what I was taught.
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Catarina...I agree that she is insane, and I am not sure death is the right answer, although I am not sure it isn't. I am torn on that one. Glad I don't have to decide. But one thing I do feel for sure, is that she should NEVER be let out and should never be able to have children, even by adoption.

I do agree her husband should share the blame in this, as well.
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Philip... forgive and forget??? I don't think so...not in this case.

You can forgive, sure, and we should, though it is hard, but forget...no. She needs to be punished.
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That is why we should impose a home arrest situation of at least 6 months to straighten her out. She can adopt, Foster home Etc... But absolutely no children of her own, for 3 years. This will give her time to reflect and get her act together. Then she and her husband, after a jail sentence of 3-4 months, can start over.
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Okay, well...I can't argue with logic like that...

I don't get where you are coming from on this, but anyway... we all have a right to our opinions, and that is yours.

I do feel we should forgive. That is the way I was brought up.. Christ taught forgiveness...but he also believed in punishment, that is why there is a place called hell.

Not trying to turn this into some religious debate here, but I just had to point that out. It is of course, intirely only my opinion.
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Hell isnt going anywhere if you believe in that, so let her burn, or whatever your hell is, after she lives a fulfilling life here on earth, and tries to make up for her mistakes. She should definately be fined, say 20,000 dollars.
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I hate to break it to ya, but I think we live in hell and klinky is satan, perhaps?:tounge2: KIDDING! I'm KIDDING!

pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name......:tounge2:
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Is that what the lives of her children are worth? 20,000 dollars???

I never said she was going to hell. If she repents and asks forgiveness from God, and sincerely means it, she will go to heaven someday. But she should still at least be locked up for the rest of her life here on earth to pay for what she has done to those children whose lives were so wrongly and horribly snuffed out by her.
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I thought you were hinting to the fact that she was going to hell, because you mentioned it.I think 4 months house arrest and a fine of 30,000 will hit her where it hurts. She will need counselinh however, thats why I say 20,000 so she can spend 10,000 and get some much needed help. She might even need medication?????? I cant answer that. When her husband gets out of jail, he will need a job. There is a continous hell on earth being imposed upon this poor lady, I just feel we need to be more chriatian like and take a different stance than what the masses think.
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it's satan.... in the flesh.....:tounge2:
pleased to meet you... hope you guess... PIDDLES...
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