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Anyone in Ohio?

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Does anyone in Ohio know if your pet stores carry frozen Bil Jac? I found a place in MA that will ship it..lol but the shipping will cost doubel the product OUCH
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Is that cat food? I Googled it and it came up as dog food...
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the frozen is dog food. I know I know its a kitty forum. but theres alot of people here lol
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it's cool...I know how it is. Have you tried Googling it and seeing what other places in the US could ship it to for cheaper?
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I *think* Heinen's carries it. I remember seeing it there a while ago.
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yup i have googled it so far only one place even sells it to ship. so i am trying to maybe find someone i can send the money too and see if they can ship it for me hehe
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i think one of the petstores i was in either in memphis or chattanooga, tn sold it. yeah now that i think about it they did. I remember saying to myself i had never seen the frozen biljac before only heard about it. I think it was a petco too that i saw it at-- Ill be in memphis week after next and will check that one for you--

found a website that you could order it from-- 5 pounds for 4.20$ not sure on shipping but they are in joplin, MO let me know if you want the link.
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OH YES LINK PLEASE! hehe yeah i know it is down south...and on the coast but notere here in minnesota. please do sent the link
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youll have to email them to see about shipping-- i couldnt determine if they have a regular storefront or not- as their website is kinda vague, of course i may have just missed it.

good luck!

forgot to mention scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the biljac
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thanks i will check it out
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I dunno, but I hope it's better quality than what I see at Petsmart. corn and chicken by product meal in the first few ingredients. And chemical preservatives. Those are three things on my "won't buy food with these ingredients" list.

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Actually Chicken, Chicken By-Product (organ meat ONLY) there are three levels of by products. anywho..

And yes corn, although its cooked diffrently than your standard. are your three main ingridents. of Bil jac food.

I feed it happily to my dogs. and isis allergy problems went away and i always get asked how i get such a nice coat.

I am looking to replace my canned food with the frozen, and use it for bait for shows.
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