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To Feed Or Not To Feed...

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I have been leaving dry cat food out all the time for my cats and only feeding moist food once a day. However, my cats seem to be getting rounder and rounder. Should I feed only as much dry as they can eat in a few minutes once a day? Or should I let the dog off his leash for exercise more often?

Either way, the kitties are sure to be unhappy, I am afraid.
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I don't think leaving kibble in the bowl hurts them as long as you leave a measured amount rather than filling it up anytime you see it empty.

I feed my three cats canned food twice per day and leave a measured amount of kibble in the bowls all day. If they don't eat all of it, I don't necessarily add to it the next day either. I figure since they all three poach from each other's bowls, they must be getting enough. LOL

If you are afraid your cats are overweight you need to ask your vet, but unless they get really bored all day and eat from boredom, most cats will stop when they're not hungry.
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I do almost the same feeding as Vibiana.

I have a crew of 7...2 adults, 2 7-month olds, 2 9-weeks olds and 1 6-week old. I have 4 bowls of dry food out (2 with adult food & 2 with kitten food) all day & night. Any remains are dumped & then refilled fresh in the morning. I also have 4 bowls of wet food out (adult & kitten food)...this they get 2 to 3 times per day. None of them are overweight and I agree that most cats will stop eating when they are full (unlike dogs).
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Each cat parent has to do whatever is right for him/her and his/her cats. For me and my cats, I believe it is healthier for the cats if the bowls are sometimes empty. Spotty is a big boy, not obese but a little overweight, about 14 pounds. Rosie is meant to be petite but weighs about 12 pounds, a bit much for her. I do feed frequently. Morning, 1/4 5.5 ounce can of wet food and then some dry food the cats to share, Evening another 1/4 of a 5.5 ounce can and then some dry food for both cats at about 8 pm with some freeze dried chicken treats and a CET chew. There is very little to no dry food for them to snack on during the night while I'm sleeping. I like my cats hungry when I feed them so I want their food bowls to sometimes be empty so they have time to work up an appetite. I believe that when people say their cats are finicky it's because they never get a chance to get truly hungry because the food is always available to them.
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no. I don't think it is healthy to leave food out all day. In the wild they only eat what they catch. Sometimes they don't catch anything.
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