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Update on Mouse's broken hip

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Hi everyone.

As some of you may recall I was so scared Last Thursday evening when Mouse wasn't walking. Took her to the vet Friday A.M. and after xrays discovered broken hip and Vet scheduled her for surgery Monday a.m. with specialist. The vet who was to do the surgery surprised us by telling us that he didn't think we needed to jump into surgery. He told us that the scar tissue Should be able to support the joint well enough for mobility and the piece of bone she broke off would be reabsorbed in the body. I asked if Mouse would always have a limp and he stated that we would be surprised at how well she would do.

She has already amazed us, she is getting around so much better. She is still limping which I am sure she will do for a while. But it doesn't seem to stop her and she doesn't seem to be in much pain. We will continue to give her prednisone until her pills run out. I asked Vet if her climbing on stairs or onto anything would damage anything further and did we need to limit what she does and he stated that she would determine what she can and can't do.

We take her back in two weeks for her to be reassessed. The Vet told us there is a slight possiblility that if she hasn't improved she would need surgery. But to our eyes she is improving daily. We are all so relieved at this point.

She has been queen of the house for the last few days and seems to be enjoying that role. The other cats and dog seem to understand she has a problem and have been really gentle around her. Especially Noel our dog she and Mouse love each other so much. Last night niko our black cat got to close to Mouse and Noel jumped up and nudged niko away as if to say back off! I find that amazing! Thanks again for all of your support through a scary time for me. I will let you know how things go. Bonnie
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That's wonderful news. Bless Mouse!
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Thats great news!!! Glad to hear that Mouse is making a quick recovery! Thats cute that your dog was protecting her! The bond between animals is pretty amazing.
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Good news and I am so glad she is improving. I hope it continues.
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thats awesome news! im so glad Mouse is doing better! your dog is such a sweetheart
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