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Little Gray Feral

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I have been posting on the Stray cats and Feral threads about Midnight and her three kittens and how we were missing a little gray kitten, well, today we found him. ( I'm not sure if it was a male or female so I will just say him...) We had thought that a raccoon had gotten him, but he didn't have a mark on him. So I guess it was one of those things...maybe he was just sick. Please say some prayers for this little fella that live so short a time. We buried him near my beloved Mibby who was my best friend for 18 years. He was a beautiful gray cat also. I know that he will take care of the little guy.
We didn't know him so well, but I hope he knows that he was loved.

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I am sorry to hear that, even though it was expected. Poor little guy, at least in the end he was lucky enough to have you love him and give him a good burial. RIP little gray feral.
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Poor little Darlin'
RIP Kitty!!
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I'm so sorry to hear about the little grey kitten. I know you have been trying so hard to care for and keep-an-eye on this colony but sometimes "it is just one of those things".

Sending hugs and thank-you for caring.
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Awwww poor baby They'll be waiting for the little cherub over the bridge

RIP little one and play with all the other kittens at the bridge
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I am sorry for your loss. Rest in peace little grey kitty and know you were loved very much.
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Godspeed, little kitty. Heaven must've needed a special little guy like you...I'm sorry that you have missed all those fun things down here, like catching moths, enjoying the thrill of entertaining an appreciative audience, having scritches behind the ears, the joy of running to your food dish; enjoy what's over RB, little guy (or gal) and know that you were loved..
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awwww little one - go and find Mibby who will look after you at the bridge. Sorry your life was so short here with us, but now you are healthy and free of any pain whatsoever...

RIP little grey one - chase those butterflies
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Condolences on this loss. Rest in peace, little baby. I know how hard it is to lose the babies. Hugs to you for helping these cats!
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