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Weird Behavior

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Hi! I have a indoor male cat that does in odd behavior. Well he has a few but this one stands out the most since it seems like part of the cat language:

When I breathe rapidly (like a pulse, every second or so) out of my nose he makes this funny face, like he squeezes his nose and pushes his head outward. He sometimes opens his mouth. After breathing for a few he will rolls around, stretch and then run up toward me. My husband fights with him so I am afraid he is going to attack me or something. Sometimes he bites me or something, he gets extremely affection and has to run at my face.

Does anyone know what this is or have done this to their cat? I am scared he is going to bit my face. One time I was on the floor and did this breathing thing and he ran at me with some claws out and tumbled over my head. I appreciate the input on this situation.

Oh, another odd thing is he licks the inside of plastic grocery bags....lol

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I'm not so sure about the first thing, but the plastic bags, Harley does the same thing Actually, if we throw the bags up in the air, he will jump up and catch them. He won't do anything else with them, he just thinks its fun to catch them in the air, he can jump so high! If there are bags sitting on the floor he won't touch them, but he will meow until we throw them in the air so he can jump at them....oh kittens are so much fun
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My kittie i had before who i think coyotes got would do the same thing, if i started doing a fast panting/blowing out my mouth he would go nuts and start running around like crazy and get all aggitated, not sure what its from.
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The bag thing is funny I don't if it means anything. He is easily spooked when he is licking his bag.

That panting is strange isn't it? I don't if he wants to fight or just get some love.

Thanks for the replies...
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That's interesting because my cat, who's a he, sort of does the same thing when I sneeze. He'll meow kinda weird, look at me, and run over, like he's making sure I'm okay. He doesn't lick plastic sacks but he does lick the speakers to my stereo -- strange.
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Ok, I can answer the plastic bag thing. Many plastic bags are made with fish oils which we can not smell, but they can. The breathing thing, my Jordan does it too. Only he actually smacked me one day (he's a big time alpha cat). One of my other cats was panting & I sort of made panting noises back at him (don't ask I must have been bored), then Jordan who was sitting right next to me got in my face & smacked me. I have no idea what it means though.
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