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Yeast Infection In Ears(Mau)

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We took our 3 1/2 month old Egyptian Mau girl into the vet as she couldn't standup and had her head tilted to the side constantly,well, she has a yeast infection in her ears, vet says this is due to moisture in her ears. I am at a loss as to how she would get moisture in her ears, we run a dehumidifier constantly, she has not been in water or been given a bath. Any ideas? She is zonked out right now due to the shots. Thanks for any thoughts!
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I adopted my cat Seamus about a month ago and he was diagnosed with a yeast infection and mites in his ears. I've been giving him ear drops for the last 3 weeks and he seems much better now. The vet said it looked like his ear mites had been left untreated for quite some time leading to the yeast infection. I imagine if your kitty had ear mites the vet would have told you so, but that has been my experience with a yeast infection in the ears. I hope she is feeling better soon!
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This is nothing you could have helped, although it's not as common in cats as in dogs, cats do get yeast infections. It could be that she just has more wax than usual, she could have a minor allergy, or could have had mites when she was younger. Any of these things can cause the yeast infections. After she is done with treatment, I would keep a close eye on her ears. If it's an ongoing problem, you can ask your vet for an ear cleanser with a drying agent you can use as prevention.
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Thank you! That actually makes me feel a bit better. She is doing much better tonight, she can walk normally and is purring like crazy!
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Walking is better still but she seems to sleep all the time, she is on Clavamox but I don't see that being sleepy is a side affect?
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Clavamox shouldnt make them sleepy. Why is she on clavamox?
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i have no xperience with yeast infection at all but hope she will keep improving
get well vibes coming ur way
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Cassie had a yeast infection coupled with wax, made her ears very very itchy...she was scracthing them till they were red I was able to get it daignosed. They gave her some drops, which worked well, plus the vet gave her a good ear cleaning (which I was religious about too, but it just wasn't keeping up with the yeast).

A common cause would be moisture in the house. It's not necessarily like you giving your cat a bath or something like that, more like, is your house humid? Is there air conditioning? Is there a particular area your cat hides in or hangs out that accumulates moisture? That was the vet asked me and it was like, yes, yes and YES! LOL

I gave her one round of ear drops and she never had another occurrence. It sounds like your boy might have a slight ear infection too, so I hope he gets better soon
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Leo has problems with moisture build-up in his ears, but Lola doesn't. I think he's just susceptible to conditions that cause him to make too much earwax. For Leo's ears, we clean them at least once a week with Vet Solutions Ear Cleaner and for his yeast infection, we treated it with drops of Mal Otic, both of which you can get on 1800PetMeds. Cleaning the ears will take some efforts...it takes both my boyfriend and I to hold Leo and put the drops in his ears. Then you gently massage the base of the ear to get the cleaner absorbed. Finally, you take a cotton ball and thoroughly (but not roughly) clean the inside of the ear, taking all the gunk with you.

Hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by Sandie
Clavamox shouldnt make them sleepy. Why is she on clavamox?

The vet put her on it for the yeast infection. We have been running the A/C due to the very warm weather here, as well as a dehumidfier. She ate great this evening, and was more active today. Probably just being a worry wart kitty mom.
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Hmmmmm....have never heard of oral antibiotics for an ear infection. The best thing is one of a few medications designed for the ear. Did they give you anything to put in the ear? If not, I would keep an eye on the ears to make sure they clear up.
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We also have ear drops. (Tresaderm)I thought it was weird but when my lab had a yeast infection in her ears he gave us oral antibiotics as well. She still has a definite lean to the left. I also have some Epi Optic ear wash for after her infetion clears up.
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