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Please Help!!!

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We have three cats, two males and a female, they are all from the same litter and about four years old. Recently a plant was knocked out of a window in the downstairs living room, since very little time is spent in that part of the house it went un-noticed for about a week and then we started noticing an odd smell filling the house, coming from the downstairs and we tracked it down to the spilled plant. One cat, two cats, all of the cats? were peeing and crapping in the spilled plant! We don't think it was all cats though because there was still business being done in the two litter boxes. We cleaned up the messes, and sprayed an entire bottle of frebreeze in the area. Now they are peeing on the carpet in the same area!!! What do I do??? I need some help with this problem, we cannot have the cats ruining the downstairs and making the house stink. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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You need to purchase an enzyme cleaner- Febreeze is not it. As long as they smell dirt and pee in the carpet they will continue to go there. Don't get mad at them, their natural instincts are strong and that is what they responding to. Just buy some www.zero-odor.com and follow the instructions exactly on the bottle.
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We had a problem with our bengal going pee pee on our leahter couch! We went to petsmart and bought this stuff called Petzyme. It comes in a white spray bottle w/ pink lettering. It worked really well. He stopped right after we got it and hasn't done it since. I also (just to be safe) spray it with a very dluted vinegar solution twice a month. It has been working really well!
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