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My cat won't leave me alone

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We've just got a new cat, about 6 months old. He's really cute but he just won't leave us alone, foloows us around everywhere. I also have a 6 month old son and even when I'm feeding/playing/cuddling him the cat wants to clambour all over me.
Is this just normal at the beginning, cos it's getting a bit annoying cos I can't do anything without him following me- help please!
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You know how your son likes affection?, well it's the same for the kitten

My two follow me everywhere and Rosie is 3 years old and Sophie one year old, but they need some love and attention just as much as us humans do, especially when their kittens just like yours, because she is still a kitten not a cat.
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You should consider yourself quite honored to be receiving such pure love from your precious kitty!
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Awwww, you're so lucky!

I would consider adopting another kitty. Your kitty is probably just lonely, especially if you work all day. If you adopted a buddy for him, he'd not only leave you alone, but he might be happier. Two cats isn't exactly twice as expensive (of course you'll have to double things like routine vet bills, etc.) and it's a whole lot less work! When I adopted Lola, Leo stopped all of his more annoying attention seeking behavior and the three of us could not be happier!
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