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husbands snoring

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woke me up this morning at 7-30 !! was having a dream about sheep nibbling my feet??? (i know weird) but i dont sleep too well at night,and mornings is my catch up time,and i heard this terrible noise sounded like a buzz saw going off in my ear,and it was charlie snoring!!! so not the best start to the day!!
if he goes out to the pc fair this morning gues where im going yep back to bed dont get me wrong i love charlie dearly and that is his only fault (which he wont admit to) anyone else got *noisy partners*???
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My bf snores too...but I'm a deep sleeper so I try to go to bed before him..that way I won't hear it when he starts
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My bf snores as well, and grinds his teeth. I can deal with the snoring, but the teeth grinding is really weird...
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My hubby used to snore so bad that he sounded like a freight train going threw the house!...and he was TIRED all the time...
The Dr. ordered a sleep study test and he was put on a CP machine at night...Oh my! What a difference.
If your guys are snoring and also tired...they need to see a Dr.
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I agree. My ex husband ended up being diagnosed with sleep apnea. The diagnosis accounted for basically why he was tired during the day and napped so much for his whole life!
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charlie wont admit he snores,he will deny it like crazy.i know i make noises in my sleep,im a talker but hes had a cold this week so its been worse,boy have i been using my earplugs this week could stick them up HIS nose
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Bill has asthma and emphysema and rattles windows, with his snoring. This past April, I started sleeping in another room. If I don't sleep, I'm useless at work.
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Mine's a twitcher . Twitches and jerks and moves for what seems like hours until he gets really deeply asleep, which is seldom. I've tried to get him to see about going to the sleep clinic but you know how that goes. I'm about ready to sleep in another room as well as I'm always tired, and he's always tired but ... Used to didn't snore at all, but since we've both put on weight , we both will snore lightly if we're on our backs. Not badly though, and if he moves it'll stop.
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Mine's a twitcher
I have a twitcher too! I call him Tornado Jo sometimes he rolls around so quickly that I have to "duck" to avoid getting hit!
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Originally Posted by BabyBee
My bf snores as well, and grinds his teeth. I can deal with the snoring, but the teeth grinding is really weird...
Mine does that, too. He has TMJ and wears a mouth guard at night, and the noise that it makes when he grinds is just awful. He can't help it, but it really annoys me when it wakes me up at 3am. lol I just poke him until he rolls over and that usually gets him to quit grinding.
Thank goodness he doesn't snore on top of it!! I'd NEVER get any sleep!!
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I dont have that problem but hubby does.
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charlies a twitcher as well obiously i dont get much sleep as im a light sleeper and as for falling asleep having a cuddle forget it many a night ive ended up on the sofa
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Hubby snores but I am such a deep sleeper that I don't hear anything. I don't hear thunder or storms. Everyone always says didn't you hear that storm last night and I say, "What storm?".
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nope not here my husband dont make a sound at night as for me i turn and toss all night sometimes i think it upset him cause i keep tossing but i dont say anything to ron if he has a pot of beans and makes sounds at night kinda like snap crackle pop
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Steve snores...alot
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In Alaska snow would fall off our roof when Mike snored! One time, the boys (all four of them) and their dad and I were anchored off of Humpy Cove. The noise in the boat was so deafening- all the boys snore- that I was about ready to jump into the frigid water, battle the jellyfish and swim to shore so I could get some sleep!
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Mine makes the most ungodly racket you ever heard. I have slept with earplugs for years, but they are not doing the trick any more. He tries to wait until I am asleep before laying down, but if I wake up at night, I just go ahead to the couch. I hate it, but it drives me nuts!
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My honey snores and it's ungodly! the only redeeming thing is that if I get him to roll over on his side,he will quit for awhile. then of course the cats will come think that now that moms awake, it's time for treats and food. Oh well at least I have the two things I love in life with me! my cats and my husband!
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Wow, I didn't realize so many women have problems with their man snoring loud to the point of wearing earplugs. I too have a husband who snores very loudly. And it isn't a "dry" sounding snore either. He has this weird sound to it that I have never heard in anyone else's snoring. I HAVE to wear earplugs, turn the air purifier on for white noise, have us back to back before his snoring is toned down enough for me to get to sleep. My SIL and brother have slept in seperate bedrooms for YEARS because of my brother's snoring. Same thing with my mom and dad. My mom cannot tolerate my dad's restless sleeping and snoring. It has been about twenty years since they have shared a bedroom.

Why is it exactly that way more men have this snoring problem?? Is it a custom designed torment for us women?
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Mine doesn't snore but he grinds his teeth. I end up sort of grabbing his jaw to stop him. It doesn't even wake him up. I've been told it can cause problems so I wish he would wear the guard the dentist gave him. He didn't want to bother getting used to it I guess. We both sleep pretty sound but if I do wake up and hear him the noise is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Once on a trip I roomed with 4 of the LOUDEST snorers ever! I mean they sounded like construction equipment. I had a jackhammer, a dumptruck, etc. It was awful! I finally put on headphones and listend to music since I was awake. Then to top if off, the person I was sharing the bed with kept rolling to the middle! I was so glad to get married and not room with other people like that...hubby and I prefer our own room!
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Those breathe right nose strips work for Mike, when he wears them. He says they make him look dorky- I'm like, you're asleep? WHO is going to see you? The cats?
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Originally Posted by hissy
Those breathe right nose strips work for Mike, when he wears them. He says they make him look dorky- I'm like, you're asleep? WHO is going to see you? The cats?
LOL! I know what you mean! I tried to get Brad to wear them and he told me that he'd wear them only if I'd wear them! Now what good would it do me??? I ALMOST did it just for the peace and quiet for one night.
I think that the heavier a man is, the more he snores. At least that is the way it is with Brad. He hardly snored when he was skinnier. Now that he's put on quite a bit of weight, he tends to snore ALOT more. Call me crazy but maybe that has something to do with it??? ( then again, maybe I'm just blowing smoke out of my butt, who knows???)
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if a man is overweight he will snore more,and as for them breathing through their noses,er charlie snores through his nose!!!! if he falls asleep on his backits bad,but i get him to turn on his side (away from me) he will still snore after a while,but at least i get a chance to drop off for a couple of hours
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