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She Need's To Gain Weight

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I have 3 Cats Altogether, 1 Giner Longhair tom Called Fluffkid, 1 Black & White Shorthair Queen called Sassie, and 1 Black & White Shorthair Tom Called Whiska's.

The Main Problem i have is with Sass, She cant put on weight and looks very very thin. I have tryed all type of food with her, First i tryed Canned meant, Which made her Mess very loose. Then i tryed Cheap Biscuits , no weight gain. Now im in the middle of trying an expenisve make and still no weight gain. She is only 16 weeks old, and im worried that she is not growing the way she has to because of her weight. Fluffkid is her brother and he is nearly tripple the size of her i know tom's are larger but not this larger as she is so small.

I am womdering if anyone as any advice that i can take to help her put on weight?? Anything at all, all you thoughts and help will be grate ful.

Ps. i have also tryed and raw diet, but in an odd way she got feed up of it.

Thankyou Pussy Willow
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your baby! My Marlee is about 11-12 weeks, and when I first got her a few weeks ago from a shelter, she was also very skinny and wouldn't eat much. My vet gave me something called Rebound, a flavored milk like subtance with vitamins and things. It is supposed to help them gain weight. I don't know how much weight she actually gained, but it sure did help her start eating again and she loved it! Maybe its something you could ask your vet about? Good luck!
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What does the vet say???
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Has she been checked to see if you she worms? If not then I suggest you have kitty tested.Worms can cause alot of problems. One being that they don't gain weight.
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Hi, I agree with getting her checked by a vet to rule out any health issues that might be interfering with her appetite or her ability to absorb nutrients.

I also read your comment that she is should not be as tiny compared to her brother and thought I could ease your fears in that regard. I have twin brother/sister that I got when they were 12 weeks old. Duke & Cosmo were pretty much the same size when I got them, but since then, Duke has REALLY taken off whereas Cosmo is such a teeny, tiny, dainty little girl.

Here they are at 4.5 months...Duke was 8.5lbs and Cosmo was barely over 4lbs.

They are now 6.5 months old and Duke is a whopping 10lbs 5ozs and Cosmo is 5.5lbs. Her momma is apparently quite petite so it is obvious she is taking after mom & Duke is taking after whoever his father is (we swear that must be a MUTANT cause Duke still has MAJOR growing to do as he is very long-legged and lanky.)

So don't think that just because there is a significant size discrepancy between them that it should be a cause for concern.

If your vet is concerned about her weight, he can easily prescribe a high calorie food such as A/D that would give her "extra" for the minimal she is eating. But quite often, it just boils down to experimentation....buy smaller cans of various high quality brands, and I'm sure you'll find one that she adores.

Best of luck to you and I hope you'll keep us posted if you take her to the vet.

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I would take her to the vet first to rule out worms and coccidia because those both can cause them to not gain weight. Rebound has worked very well for me and for cats that won't eat I use (I think it is called this, but not exactly sure) Ener-Cal which is a very high calorie paste that stimulates their appetite. Also, I feed them a high quality high calorie kitten food free feed all the time and give them a plate of wet food twice a day. It does take time. I would weigh her every couple days and make sure she isn't loosing any weight.
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Vet first... vet will have an idea
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Hi, Thankyou for all the reply's she had a vet check which was 2 weeks ago and there was no signs of worms. Im not sure of what her parents are like as i had them from a family that couldnt keep them no longer. i bought her a new diet today from a pet supplies which is called purina ONE for kittenns which hopefully will help her gain weight.

When i toke her to the vet i said about her weight problem and he said its part of the growing prgress. that the males will grow alot qwuicker than the females and strout out qwicker but i dont think this is Sassi's case.

thanx again for all your replies
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I have brother and sister kittens that are almost 4 1/2 months old. We adpoted them at age 8 weeks old and they were the same size. At their first vet visit he only weighted about 3 ounces more then her. By the time we went again he was almost 1 pound bigger and now he weights over 6 pounds and she is barely 4. They are two totally different body types. The vet said metobolism rates are different and they are both healthy. Everyone says that if you didn't have two cats to compare you would then they were both just normal size.

I think as long as the vet says she is ok, just keep an eye on it.

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How much did the vet say she weighed two weeks ago and have you checked her weight since then? She may be putting on weight, and it's just not noticeable because of her slender frame.
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