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Poor Merlin

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I saw a sight today I would just as soon forget, but I can't seem to.

Last Sept. I took Merlin in to be nuetered. The vet said he could only find one testicle, so he opened him up to look for the other one, and couldn't find it. So he assumed merlin only had one. He told me that if I later suspected he was wrong, to bring Merlin back in.

Well I suspected it, but wasn't sure...no real proof. But the other day I caught Merlin in the act, so to speak, and so he was busted. I made an appointment, and took him in. I went in after work today to check on him, and he was in surgery, that was about an hour or so ago.

The vets wife said he was in surgery...so I peeked in...should NOT have done that!!!!

Merlin was flat on his back on a metal table, with his front feet stretched out above his head, held by foot long chains to the top of the table, and his legs were spread eagle, with chains around his ankles, attaching to the end of both sides of the table!! The vet had him opened up, and was poking around inside....I almost pased out! I don't know wich was worse, seeing the hole in him, or the sight of him chained to the table like that!!!!!!!

I feel so bad for him!!! I of course covered my mouth in shock, and exclaimed, "Oh my poor little baby!!!!!" And the vet looked up at me like I was crazy.

I know he will be okay....I'm supposed to call them in a little bit to see how it went, but I just can't get that image out of my mind!!!
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Sounds like some kind of bizarre medieval torture scene (no, wait, that's dentistry). I never even watch the operation scenes on medical shows. You must have been freaked.

I'm sure they have to strap him down during surgery so he doesn't shift. I'm equally sure they can't afford two surgical nurses to hold him in place, which is probably the alternative. It probably looks much worse than it is.

When you call to check, just ask the vet about it. If he's good, he knows he has 2 patients anyway - the pet and the owner - and he'll be able to explain it so you feel better. Plus, once Merlin is recovered, the image of him being healthy will erase the one of him on the table.

Poor Merlin! Having his insides messed with again is going to make him sore!
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I have never peeked in on veterinary surgery, but I'm sure Merlin was chained to the table just as a safety precaution against accidental movement. The chains were probably put on after he was under anesthesia and he was never aware of them or in any discomfort because of them. Even people sometimes have restraints on during surgery.

I agree with Sunlion, it wasn't as bad as it looked. Maybe once Merlin is back home and back to his usual self you will find it easier to forget what you saw.
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Just wait until the baby is toddling around and has that first spill. Yikes! My nephew is 4 and has had stitches twice, 2 broken fingers, and a broken arm. He's my brother's son, alright. That boy spent his life in the ER.
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Speaking as someone who used to work for a vet and assisted in surgeries: This is SOP. Because of the anatomical structure of dogs and cats (remember, it is not natural for them to lie on their backs like it is us) they must be strapped down. Also, depending on the type of anesthesia, they can still strike even if anesthetized, so to protect themselves and the vet, this must be done. This is also why assistants holding them down is not the answer. Also, the fishing around in the insides is perfectly and completely normal and safe, too. Seldom is the correct organ popping up to greet the surgeon, even if the location is exactly known. In the case of cryptorchidism that can't be palpated, fishing around is necessary.

Speaking as someone who has undergone surgeries: This is SOP for humans, too, because like with animals, it is possible for you to start tearing at your incision during the proceedings and slapping the surgeon's hands away if not restrained.

Don't worry about your little guy, it sounds like his vet is perfect.
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On Animal Planet, the Emergency Vets program does show animals during surgery, and how the vet has to feel around inside. Maybe watching that program will help you feel comfortable with what you saw being done to Merlin.
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Debby, all the girls are right. It is all SOP. And I had some surgery last November, and when they rolled me into the OR, the anesthesiologist started to strap me onto the table before they even put me under. He told me it was for my own safety, as well as the nurses and docs. So, don't let it get to you. Its totally normal.

Also, like Deb25 said, wait till the baby is here and you have to take he or she to the doc! Still can remember my first ER visit with my oldest son, and boy that is TRAUMATIZING to the parents more than the child I believe!!
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Debby - That is why I could never be a vet. Poking around inside an animal, yuck. I'm sure Merlin is fine, but I hope they find that stubborn testicle!

The girls aren't kidding about taking the kiddos to the ER. Amy's been a couple of times, and once she had to have blood taken. She was only 1 and a half or so. The very incompetent (so I think) nurse couldn't find her vein and tortured her forever (like 30 minutes) trying to find one. After she finally got the blood, they took too long to get it to the lab and it congealed. So they wanted to do it again. Not a chance. Doug and I wouldn't let them near her again. One word of wisdom, if you have a pediatric hospital nearby, take your kids there when they get hurt. They have a lot more expertise dealing with the little ones.
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Allie used to have to have her blood drawn a lot when she was a baby because of an inherited anemic condition she has. We would go to the pediatric drawing lab. What a fiasco it was! The little thing was no more than 18 lbs., and it still took about 4 huge nurses to hold her down!
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Oh Poor Merlin!! I know it must have been a huge shock, but he was under anaesthetic and didn't feel a thing; he's also really lucky that he's got such a sensitive and caring nurse for a Mommy too

I hope he's back pouncing and purring soon! Keep us posted!
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Thanks guys!!! I feel so much better now...Merlin is home, and they did find the other testicle this time, and removed it, so he is finally really neutered this time!!
He is sore, but in pretty good spirits, unlike when I picked him up...he was hissing and spitting at everyone, even me, and I told them that he really never acts that way...I think he was just very scared and very uncomfortable and sore.
He is feeling better today, and seems to be in a good mood, rubbing on me, and begging at the cupboard for the canned cat food I give him once in a while for a treat...(he has gotten two cans of it since he's been home, one yesterday and one today, I guess I am feeling guilty for putting him through that, )
Anyway...thanks for listening and caring...he is doing fine now!!
I think the vet did a great job...I was just a worried mom!
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Yeah, Debby! I'm so glad Merlin is home and feeling better.
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So did they really have to go in and remove it like a spay?
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I had a kitty named Cosmo. My son did a little bad thing and had to go to Teen Court, where he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service at Animal Control. One day on his shift little Cosmo followed him everywhere (at our city the animals that aren't vicious or ill are allowed to roam free in the back during office hours) so naturally we had to adopt him. The officers kept saying he was male, but I couldn't find anything under his tail! But clearly he wasn't a girl, because that wasn't there, either! I finally figured he had undescended testacles, which was confirmed at his vet visit a few days later. The vet said give it time, they'll probably come down. By the time he was a year old, though, he still only had one. I would repeat all the raunchy songs I used to sing to him and all the dirty names I used to call him during this period, but since this is a family board I'll refrain! So finally the decision was made to have him "spayed and neutered". Of course, more raunchy songs followed his little "double operation". Poor Cosmo! But he turned out okay.

I'm glad little Merlin is okay now.
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So glad Merlin is doing well and you are feeling better about stuff!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I'm so glad you feel better too Debby! :angel2: Merlin's a dollbaby!

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So glad he's home and bouncing back. What a load off your shoulders!
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Thanks guys!!! Yes, Sabra....it was kind of like having him spayed, since they had to cut him open and go in....but it was of course actually a neutering.
This is his second time. I figured they would open him up in the same place...but they didn't...it is more off to the side of the first cut.

He has been so loving and sweet the past two days...I wonder why? Maybe it is because he finally has gotten rid of all that testosterone that was running his brain...lol.
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