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Colloidal silver?

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My baby is suffering from overgrooming and the dermatologist has put her on a diet to see if it is food related. My breeder mentioned colloidal-silver might help. Has anyone used this? Can I ask what's the best sort and how much you would give her?

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coloidal silver is known to cure almost everything in humans.......The FDA wont verify it....but thats not surprising....the only sideaffect is that it can cayse ...i think its called agyria(sp)...its a permenant blueish tinge to the skin....which as you can imagine would suck!!!!

as for coloidal silver in cats...I have never heard that...and would suggest getting a vets opinion...or maybe better because of what it is...getting a holistic vets opinion might be worthwhile......
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Talk to a vet ... I have used collidial silver for cuts and viral stuff but only on me
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My friend has 1 persian with really dry skin to the point of dermatitis, and eye problems. She uses colloidal silver to ease her babies skin problems, and it really seems to help!
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I have heard it recommended by vets. I think it is good as a complement to standard medical treatment or in cases where conventional medicine does not offer a solution. But talk to your vet about dosing, because colloidal silver is silver and too much can cause heavy metal poisoning.
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I think that as long as it is used topically, you should be fine. The silver is in a colloidal suspension, and the amount of actual silver is something like 5ppm (parts per million), so it is well below toxicity. It is an excellent antibacterial/ antifungal, and it works for me. But you might get a few vet opinions, as many vets (and most doctors) have never even heard of most natural remedies. Don't limit yourself to one opinion - learn all you can!
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