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Survivor: Marquesas

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anyone else going crazy from withdrawl & anticipation ?!

only... 17 more days... !!

CBS.com has a list of the new survivors and their profiles up here :


Marquesas is beautiful from what i've seen so far but also looks incredibly
foreboding and dangerous though very alluring.

am i the only geek here or is anyone else excited about the new season?!
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I am excited, but not as excited as I was about the last couple. It does look like from the promos that they are mixing up the production a little bit. Trying to appeal to a new crowd.

Glad to see you Katie!!
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hi darlin, long time (i know) i've had to delete my AIM (i ran out of space on my hard drive)

i've had more computer problems over the last few months then i can
bear (bare?) to tell ya, but, looks like everything is finally in working order

it's good to see you too...


i dont know why i am so drawn into Survivor :confused2 but i just cant help but watch it

what is it about reality shows anyway ? i know i would never put myself through that kind of experience & scrutiny

looks like the two tribe names are: Maraamu & Rotu

guess we'll see... i havent really seen any promo stuff yet, then again, i havent been watching
much t.v. lately either... darn Olympics

i'm just not into Winter Sports, really... (except ice skating, of course)
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Hey! I'm totally stoked for the new Survivor as well! I did my homework and read all the profiles. I've picked two people I think may take the game, or at least get to the end hopefully. Anyone else have a look and care to take a guess at the winner? I'm happy to say I picked Ethan as the winner during the first episode of Survivor Africa
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I want it to start NOW! I am a reality TV junkie. My poor hubby hates reality TV & he is a real trooper when it is on - he'll even watch it with me occasionally so I have someone to rant to about what is happening.
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I'm excited!!! I can't wait!!

Hey, it's really good to see you back around again, Blue!!
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i'm so excited i'm about to bust my bladder !!!

hey Debby, how are you these days ?
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who did you pick out already Melissa ? what did you base your choice on ?

i have no idea, i'll take a guess after the first episode though
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:LOL: I am probably waaaaay off...and I really have nothing much to base my choice on, but I picked Robert from the Rotu Tribe. He just has a look about him that makes me think hes a nice guy but tough enough to take the game. Watch, he'll be the biggest jerk on the island :laughing2
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I can't wait til the next season starts!
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I am going to have to hear them talk before I get a true vibe for the ultimate survivor. Based on biographies I want Hunter to win.
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Hey guys...is that this Thursday or next thursday that it starts? I would be so mad if I missed it!
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Next Thursday, Debby Feb.28....I'm waiting very impatiently for the day, that date is etched in my brain :laughing2
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Thanks! I'll go write it on the calendar right now, so I don't forget!
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one day to go !!

do we place our (tentative) bets on who we think will win after we see the first episode?

(i'm so excited!)

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I'm excited too!!! I can't wait!!!!
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let me just say a hearty

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And a big WOOHOO back attcha!!!
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OMG!!! Its on TONIGHT!!!!! I am so excited.. I'm splurging on a bag of 3D Doritios tonight while I watch - Doritos were my Survivor Tradition..if I have to eat lettuce all day, so be it :laughing2 !! I'm counting down the hours......
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I have already told the hubby that he is banished to the basement as he can't resist mocking the competitors & me for enjoying it so much. He really dislikes reality TV. I have low fat pretzels to munch on and I'll make some ice tea! I can't wait. I have entered in the yahoo survivor pick'em again. Last time I finished in the top 4 percent overall.
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can you spell antic......................ipation ?!
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Well, what did everybody think?!?!?!

I was sure Sarah was H I S T O R Y but obviously Peter annoyed them far more
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Peter was annoying!!!!!!! I always feel sorry for the first person who gets kicked off, whether or not they deserved it.

As for next week's episode, I'll bet you that the pigs were planted there, just as the rooster was. That is a tropical island, and I know that pigs/boars don't live on an island ....... Why'd they have to bring another pig into Survivor? If they are so concerned about the contestants not having food, why didn't they give them rations?

Anyone know where Survivor 5 is going to be filmed at???
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I think pigs do live on islands, well, some of them. Maybe not originally, but there used to be people there. Maybe sailors left some there hundreds of years ago and they bred or something. Remember Lord of the Flies? There was a pig on that island too.

Anyways, yay!!! :pinky:

I was so excited it was on. My boyfriend too. We ate chips and salsa and cantaloupe by the fire.

I couldn't decide if Peter or Sarah should go. Bleh.
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It is starting here tonight and I am soooooooooo excited about that.
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Peter was shifty and just plain weird- (not to mention 'holey' What the heck was THAT all about??)...trying to form alliances in the first couple of days?? BAD idea. Didn't anyone learn anything from Ethan? Sit back, shut up, and mind your business and you'll make it. I think Sean is a riot!! Hunter is going to give everyone a run for the money...being the McGyver (sp?) type and all :laughing:
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on tropical islands. Roosters and chickens are common as are pigs and horses. I had to laugh when that one dude chasing the rooster said he didn't know that roosters could fly! If they were smart, the tribes would take those lifeboats and suspend them overhead, and make suspensions of bannana leaves as a waterproof awning, to have a comfortable dry shelter. They are not thinking survivor yet, once the rains hit, they will be hard pressed to stay dry, keep their fires going and even fetch water. It is going to be interesting, the truck assembler tricia reminds me a lot of Mad Dog.
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I picked Hunter from the the internet site last week to win. I also like Gina the nature guide. I think she has the hots for Hunter. I can't stand Dean the teacher from Harlem or Tracey the Real Estate agt - very bossy woman.
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You don't like Sean?? :LOL: I think hes pretty funny Sarah- the Queen of the Nile is goin' down in a big way. She thinks sitting around looking 'busty' is going to get her through..
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OMG did you see her while they were all rowing and dog paddling to shore, sitting there just yelling stroke? She sat there like a little princess until the raft was fully on shore! How on earth did she get on the show? Is it just for T&A or what? She's on the way out for sure.
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