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More energy (How about spooky things after this, or is it too soon?)
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Neater housekeeper. (Its not dirty, just cluttered)
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Open mind for positions I don't agree with
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Positive attitude.....
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Quit worrying so much about things.
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Red highlights in my hair.
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Saying Sorry all the time
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Taller (Just an inch or two! - it would make finding pants so much easier )
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Use my voice more :tounge2:
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Voice my feelings...even when difficult
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Weigh less (but that's why we have the Weight Loss Support Group Thread!)
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Xtra firm butt and thighs and tummy!
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Younger......... (I want my 18 yr old body!)
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Zero weight problem
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Okay here is a thought!!! Seeing as so many of us want to be fitter and healthier how about Activities that are good to do and can be fun?

If everyone is happy with that I'll put down the first one

A Aerobics
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Couch warming! (I like very low-impact activities!)
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D Dancing
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Exercise Bike (I always have thought it was fun )
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Free-weight Training
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Gater Wrestling
Going Shoe Shopping

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Lhezzza, I'm sure gator wrestling would help a person lose weight, but the poor gator might get fat in the process!

Having dessert, but in smaller portions.
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Ice skating
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Jumping Rope
Jumping over kittens underfoot
Jacking up a tire
Just sitting still!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Kissing!! (Burns 10 calories per minute) :lips:
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or Luge, but I prefer laughing...

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Mambo dancing
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N Napping

Well I couldn't post what I originally came up with LOL
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Opening a bag of Cheeitos!
Opening a tub of Chunky Monkey!
Obviously I'm hungry, I better get
On my lifecycle!
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Plenty of sex!
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