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Shasta daisy
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Umbrella plant
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Violet??? Or is that a color
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please excuse me snaeking in like this... I don't have an answer, but I just wanted to say: JEANIE - check yer emails will ya!! sheesh!!

Ok... back to the game.......
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Windflower, also called anemone. O.K., Bodlover, keep your pants on! I had to eat lunch, and you can be sure it was not a poptart with white sugary icing!
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can't think of an X so I'm going to Y

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Zinnia (yep, the easiest one) What's next? I picked flowers; anyone have a good idea?
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Since we're on the internet, how about links to sites we enjoyed or that amused us?

For example:

the Amazing World of Color Genics

I think I got this one here, but every time I take it, it tells me very accurately how I see myself that day, even though I pick different colors when I'm in different moods.
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It's here!


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Catholic Online

For me as a catholic, I like to visit this site often!
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One of my favorite mail art sites. She's also into tattoos and is recovering from cancer. She's a really cool person.
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Bloops and blunders from your favorite movies!!
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Björk Guðmundsdóttir's official web site is here!

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This group encourages the industrialized nations to forgive the debt of third world nations, who can't pay and who are mostly paying back interest, not the principle of the loan. We send them money in aid, but it comes right back in the form of debt repayment.
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Anna Kournikova's official web site is here!


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Very interesting store that caters to the Amish. Cool low tech stuff.
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See the post by Whiskey's Dad, above.

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I don't have one for O but I sure am getting some great websites to check out....Joe, I'm gonna go look at neopets right now.
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Orisinal Morning Sunshine

I Love to play these little games online when I'm waiting for a download or something :rainbow:
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paypal.com (I use it for my e-bay purchasing.. )
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Quick Cooking

Great for busy moms
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Ozzy Osbournbe my neice & son like this one, not me.
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ruby slipper the webzine & forum for girls...! A few of my cyber friends from Hole.Com started this on-line magazine some months ago.

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Shoes for Orphan Souls

This is a way cool charity, something tangible that we can all identify with.
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