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Finally! I said my piece!! (Rant)

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Ohhh I'm so mad right now!! I just got off the phone with my father and we spent an hour arguing with each other... Most of you know why my father and I have been arguing and why I'm living with my aunt in the first place so, I wont go back into that... Well today my father called me to tell me that he's taking me out of his will and I just went off!! I was like "oh really!?! Good!! I dont need to be in your will to know that I was the best daughter I could have been... I dont need your money or your property in Virginia or anything else that you could have left to me because I know who I am and the kind of daughter I was..." I was like "Leave it all to your other daughter who was never there for you the way that I was... who didn't know whether she was coming or going when holidays or birthdays came around... leave the money and the property to her because she NEEDS it to make herself feel better about being your daughter, I DONT!!!" Then he said... "I'm not leaving it all to her..." so I said... "NO? GOOD! Then leave it to your girlfriend, Patricia, who left you in Virginia with no car because she can't deal with you... I hope now you know what it feels like to be left in the middle of no where without a car!!" and he's like "I'm resourceful!" and I'm like "Oh yeah... you're an f'n Boy Scout! ME TOO!! I must have learned that from YOU!"
Then he was like "well there's no point in talking to you because you dont get it... " and I said... "NO! I get it! You want everything your way and you wont be happy until I tell Adrian to [go away]... Which I'll never do because that kid has done nothing to hurt me! He wasnt the one who beat the [stuff] outta me ... You did!"

Then he said something about my mother moving back from Florida and how if she does he'll stop giving her the money that he has to give her every month... and I was like "OH YEAH! Try it!! We'll see you in court! because you got away with taking her child support away because I was living with you and THEORETICALLY you were right.. you shouldnt have had to give her money for me when I was living with you and you were taking care of me... but you didnt do it LEGALLY!! so LEGALLY you still owe her that money... and LEGALLY you can't get away with not giving her the other money you owe her and if you try to take that money WE WILL SEE YOU IN COURT!! and you're not just gonna have to pay the alimony but you'll end up payin almost $80,000 in back child support, too... So I SUGGEST! that you back off!" Then he said "well you managed to screw me into paying your student loans so think of that as your inheritance because you're not in the will!" and I said "No! You think of it as paying me back for all the nights I woke up crying because I can't get the thought of you kicking me in the back while I was cowering on the floor or chasing me out of my own house at knife-point... You can make yourself right to whatever ignorant [idiots] you choose to cry to until they get that little tidbit of information!! Your credibility falls to [crap] when they find out that you beat the heck out of me!! So I hope that you can't sleep tonight remembering kicking me in the back and spitting in my face!! Why dont you kick the crap out of your other daughter for marrying a pot-head loser with no job! Oh that's right because you feel guilty that she had such a tough life without you there so, she can do whatever she wants... The only reason she's stuck around this long was to get the $25,000 you were giving her for her wedding... and she'll stick by you long enough to watch you drop dead so she can have all your money! And you know what... she can have it! because she needs your money to make her feel like daddy's little girl!!! I DONT!!!! I NEVER needed your money to make me feel like a good daughter! Nothing you ever did would ever have been wrong in my eyes until you kicked me in the BACK! and then tried to stab me to death!!! So TAKE YOUR WILL AND SHOVE IT!!"
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i wish you could see me right now.....my jaw is literally on the floor......

I had no clue....I am sooo sorry.....you must be a mess right now.......

I'm sorry that monster did that to you..........

Hang in there kid........you were right to tell him to buzz off.......

One day hell realize what he messed up and gave up...always trust in karma.....
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I'm so sorry to read that.
I hope that someday you and your dad can come to terms with each other and that he can realize how he's hurt you.
I'll be sending positive energy your way.
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Oh gosh...I`m soooo sorry that that happened to you.
I had some pretty rough stuff happen to me when I was a kid too...but not by my parents. I know that that kind of stuff can "affect" you in so many ways.
Are you going to be OK?
Pleae KNOW that it is NOT your fault that your dad treated you wrongly...you did not deserve that in any way. He was the one who was wrong.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Liza, your dad sounds like an abusive control freak. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm happy you are not letting him control your life. You are a strong woman to stand up to him that way. I hope your words will make him think seriously about about what he has done to you. One of the characteristics of a control freak is they want you all to themselves. Maybe thats why your dad doesn't like Adrian. Stay strong, hun.
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I don't understand why people call each other to tell them they're out of the will. That's like begging for an argument. If I took someone out of my will I would wait until I'm dead for them to find out. He obviously was searching for a reason to talk to you.
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
I don't understand why people call each other to tell them they're out of the will. That's like begging for an argument. If I took someone out of my will I would wait until I'm dead for them to find out. He obviously was searching for a reason to talk to you.
Because another characteristic of the control freak is that he will try to manipulate you back into his arms. It can be seen from the same distance that you can smell a dead skunk in the highway that he didn't take her off the will to take a revenge against her once he was dead. Otherwise he wouldn't have called her. He did it to try to blackmail her into coming back to him.

Another characteristic: He's gonna be "All or Nothing". He will often force you to either accept him completely, and do whatever he wants no questions asked, or cut him off and send him to hell. This is a thing that usually makes that type of person VERY hard if not impossible to manipulate or "find the way around him", because he will fire back at the first attempt. And once you've sent him to where he belongs, he might try to get back at you. He won't just be happy with not seeing you again - if he has got the means to do something against you for revenge, you can bet he will.

Malakai honey, I don't even know what to say. As another one here said, I still have my jaw in the ground. Good for you, to stand up to him. Good for you to be strong. Good for you to be away from him. Be strong, and everything good will come to you. You are in my prayers.
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Thank you all for the support... I really needed to vent about that... I can't believe he called to tell me that but at the same time I can... I know it's all a matter of control and I told him that.... When I was telling him to give my share of his will to his other daughter, he asked me why she was the enemy.. and I was like "She's not the enemy! I mentioned her because you wanna call me and dangle your will over my head like "Liza, Daddy's not gonna give you all his money when he dies if you dont do what I say.. and as far as I'm concerned I dont need your money! so Give to her! give it to the rest of your family that did nothing for you... I dont need your money to make me feel like I've been rewarded for being a good daughter! You want it your way and you're not gonna get your way... your will isnt gonna change that...."

He IS a control freak and when he doesnt get his way he takes whatever he can.... I told him that too... "You gave me everything.... cars, money, clothes... everything I needed and wanted but when I didnt do what you wanted me to do, you took it all away and you didnt realize that I'm not nearly as materialistic as you are... My beliefs dont revolve around your bank account... "

The most aggravating thing is when he insists that I chose Adrian over him and that when Adrian leaves me, I'll come running back to him... I get so mad when he says that because #1 "I never chose Adrian over you! You made it a matter of You OR Adrian... I didn't.... I chose my right to control my life over YOU controling my life! and #2... even if Adrian turned around tomorrow and said "Liza... Go away! I've had enough of you, Good bye!" I would never run back to you because that wouldnt make you right! my feelings about how you treated me are NOT contingent on whether or not Adrian and I last forever or we end our friendship in an hour!"

GRRRRRR He makes me so mad!
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I'm so sorry you have to go through that. Keep your chin up! If you were strong enough to do what you've done already, you can make it through this!
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