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Does anyone else's cat do this besides mine???

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My two year old boy, Avvie, is quite the character. He's not a small cat, almost 14 pounds. He has always had problems with agression to some degree, although I do think he is quite loving by nature.(and yes, he is fixed and I have had him since he was a kitten) But, we've been working hard on learning how not to bite. He knows "no bite" and will lick instead of bite if it's me. I never play with him with my hands/fingers, and he has taken to jumping off of my lap if he starts to bite.

I have been working on upping his tolerance to being touched/petted, and make sure to pet him a lot in his favorite spot, which is right behind his neck. He'll just melt if you pet him there.

Anyway, he doesn't like to be touched near his tail(although my girl Winter adores that and also adores to have her tummy rubbed. She will position herself so that her tummy has the best access to that petting hand. LOL! ) He hates to have his tummy rubbed. BUT, he loves for me to hold him in my arms on his back, like a baby. He'll lay there, start purring, and, while upside down, curl his paws and close his eyes. I can nuzzle his tummy, stroke his side, do just about anything, and all he does is curl his paws and purr. He'd love for me to hold him like this for hours, but he is 14 pounds. LOL!

If you are sitting on the ground, and you put him on your lap upside down, he'll lay with his head on the floor and his paws stretched above his head, curling them and purring away. Again, he seems to enjoy all forms of petting in all places.

So, my question is....does anyone else's cat do this goofy thing? And why is it when he's held like this that he lets me touch him anywhere? It's really funny to watch him do this, all the funnier because he just loves it. *Shaking head*

I should add that he likes to be brushed and is good about letting me check his paws.

thanks so much!!!!!

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Sounds like a first-class cuddle-cat to me!!
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awww!! what a sweetie! i have a grandkitty whom i am catsitting and he is like that too!
loves to be held like a baby, and he will pat my chest and look up at me as if he has found his one and only true love- almost scares me, the look is so intense! LOL i feel like i need to remind him that i am not a cat.

he loves to have his belly rubbed too, but then he gets in a playful mood and he will not let you touch him at all! i thought it was weird but am finding out he is not the only guy like this,

i have mostly been exposed to female cats and am finding that the boy cats can really be characters!!
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Purdy loves his belly rubs, too. And a real lap kitty he is! Whenever he sees me sitting down - plop! Into my lap! Then he lies down flat on his back so I can rub his tummy. He'd be happy to lie like that for hours. And yes, he did this when he was over 14 pounds, too. He was overweight at 14 pounds, though, so last year I put him on a diet, and he is now back down to 11.8, closer to his ideal weight.
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