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Bob, who is 22 lbs, sleeps next to me. Emily, who is thankfully only 6 pounds, sleeps on my pillow above my head. Cajun, Timmy, Elessar, Cubby and Smudge all take turns sleeping in the bedroom, either in the cat bed in there, in a laundry basket full of clothes (and now cat hair, I guess I'll have to re-wash, sigh) and if there are clothes on the floor, they'll sleep in them. If they aren't sleeping in my room, they are out in the living room somewhere. I guess I should mention that my dogs sleep in the bedroom too. Pedro sleeps under the covers and Rain sleeps either sprawled out on the lower area of the bed, or on a blanket in the closet. She made that her personal sleep-den... Yes, there are times when I can't move either, and times when they ran out of food during the night in their bowls and they want me to feed them, but usually they let me sleep as late as I want!
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Jasper sleeps on my bed or on my dressing gown on the lounge were he can see me so I don't escape
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Rowan sleeps either in the bathroom, where she miaows like something is murdering her, or she sleeps on my bed and makes every effort to push me off.

Her new, oh-so-wonderful, way of waking me up is to make sure it's an hour before the alarm is to go off, then perch on my shoulder, shove her nose in my ear, and purr.
Then if I try to fall back asleep she bites me.
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One sleeps on me at all times. If Sierra is on me, Serenity sleeps on the nightstand. If Serenity is on me, Sierra sleeps on the dresser on my robe.
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barnaby sleep in a pair of cardboard boxes in the hallway,cant have them in the frontroom as they trash it and reggie sleeps in with us with extra food,as the other 2 pick on him at night (the rottors) so hes the mummys boy who gets spoilt normally he tries to sleep in charlies bit of the bed (trying to be top man??) but he streaches out next to me,very peacefull to have a cat purring u off to sleep
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Joey faithfully sleeps with me, usu. at my legs/feet. JC sleeps part of the night with me. Joey keeps the kittens & Cindy out of the room, so they find various places to sleep.
As for waking up - I have weak kidneys, so it's me that wakes THEM up during the night! Joey either waits for me, or follows me to & from the bathroom. So does JC, till about the 2nd or 3rd time, then he leaves in disgust. Some guys (even kitty-guys) just don't understand!
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Spaz sleeps mostly in her laundry basket/bed in the kitchen, though some nights she's on my head.

Vash and Trouble are always on the bed.
Ivory is either between the pillows on the bed, or on the floor by my nightstand.
Cassi sleeps under the bed.
Shadow sleeps in the laundry hamper lol
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My cat (Licorice) usually sleeps somewhere in my room... he likes to sleep under my bed O_o.

Our other 2 cats either sleep with one of the other people in my family, or on the couches.

Or they just go outside.

... so i guess they sleep wherever they want XD.
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Ellie usually sleeps on the nightstand, and Smokey sleeps in his cat tree (usually most of the night they are running all over the house, or chasing eachother across the head of my bed). I am very happy hubby does not mind and laughs with me about it. LOL The other morning Smokey (6 1/2 months old) jumped off his tree onto our bed (on hubby's side) and ended up scratching hubby's ear as he landed on his pillow. That was not a nice way to wake up. LOL
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Our four cats normally sleep well where they want to. Normally Huggy's in his basket at the bottom of the bed, he then sometimes moves to the floor. Occasionally he will walk over us to remind us he;s around. Molly normally spends a few hours at the bottom of the bed or downstairs on the sofa. Eviecat will do likewise. Taralen normally sleeps on the floor then around 4 am will sit next to my head and Purr very loudly. Yes our cats are spoilt.
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Pepper and Pixie usually sleeps, with my by and myself, on the bed. I usually have Pepper at my head and Pixie at my feet...needless to say it's difficult rolling over
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The boys have various napping spots throughout the house for daytime naps, but at night they go into the bedroom with us and alternate between snoozing under the bed, on the bedside tables, and sometimes, in the bed with us.

More often than not, though, they play on the bed and keep us awake. ^^;;
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My felice likes to sleep outside of people's doors, but usually at night I bring her in my room and put her in one of my nice cozy drawers and she's loves to sleep there, sometimes I wake up to her sleeping next to me but that.. is pretty rare she's a wee bit anti social
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Dexter & Sadie begin the night right next to me on the bed, then they move to their cat tree, then to various other favorite spots during the night until they meow to wake me up in the morning.
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Meeka and Sami go to sleep with me on my bed each night. Sometimes they quarrel a little bit as to who can be right to my left (just underneath my face) and who will curl up by my feet. Sami has a very light sleep, so often when I move he will just jump up, eat or drink a little, and then come back - his spot in the bed then is usually taken up by Meeka.

Around 4 a.m. they return to my bed after strolling around the house - often they are in the "chase" mode then and it does not bother them if they run over my head or whatever.

I also have two kitty beds on the floor, Sami uses one now and then, but I saw Meeka get into it only one time - just sitting there for a moment or so, looking it over, and then get out and get onto the bed again.

I remember two years ago when I went on a trip overseas and had to leave my kitties with one of my sons - I thought of them every night and MISSED them so terribly much. But what a welcome when I did come back - I will never forget it.
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Wherever they please.
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Tibby and Molly sleep in my room with me! Molly will sleep either on her hammock or in her carrier and Tibby will sleep on the hammock, the pillow and blanket by my feet of the window ledge!
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Where ever they want, which in practice means:

Usva and Tilli always in the bed with us (though Usva may sometimes throw Tilli to the fluffy rug next to the bed for an hour or so if she's in a bad mood)

Milla and Timotei often sleep in the bed, Milla on one of our pillows. When they aren't sleeping with us: On the couch, on top of the cat tree, in the sauna or in the laundry basket. The sauna is Millas favourite place anyway, she loves the bathe in the heat with us, the others are a bit afraid of the kiuas (the stove) hissing.
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Katie will sleep where ever she wants, but she does like her Cat Tree the most.
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My 2 kitties usually sleep right outside my bedroom door on top of the stairs. Lily always manages to get in the bedroom at 7.00 in the morning and jumps on me lol!
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