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Well, the good news is

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I brought a kitten home and my 10 year old (neutered) Manx rescue isn't actively trying to kill it!!! He's a bit of a bully with adult cats (instigates fights and then kicks ass)

He seems to be somewhat accepting of kitten (female, 2months) and really the only aggressive thing I've seen him do is put a paw on her head whenever it seems she's being annoying.

I just worry. I keep kitten in separate room (bathroom) when not home or sleeping. I worry that he will beat up or even kill kitten. Apparently cats are supposed to be more tolerant of kittens.

And honestly, he seems kind of ticked off about it. Less affectionate.

I just don't know cat body language (he has a stump for a tail which does not help) what does it mean when all of a sudden he just lays down on his side? Play? What does it mean when he reaches out and puts paw on kitten's head (pretty gently actually he's enormous)

The kitten loves him, or at least is nuzzling him.
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Wow! It sounds as if the introduction of the kitten to your adult cat is going absolutely perfectly! Really...you shouldn't be even a tad worried. If your big one was going to hurt the little one, he would have already done so by now. It sounds as if they are getting along swimmingly!
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Really?!? I am glad. I just worry, my old cat is a bit of a big galoot, I don't know much about cat on cat behaviour due to him being my first (such a big wrangly manx couldn't let the shelter put him down) and previous attempts to introduce older cats have failed miserably, even with following the keep them seperate let them get used to the smell rules.

Is it a good idea to keep them seperated when I am not there to supervise? ( I worry, the kitten is SO small in comparison, like rat sized and he eats those)

Am I being paraoid also to think he is a little bit miffed at me personally(sorry for the anthropomorphizing here folks)

PS-why does it keep mewling?
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