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Is It Safe ???

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Mozzie, my mad Bengal kitten, is very strange. I am just getting over flu with very bad sinuses, and use Olbas Oil to ease them. The thing is that Mozzie goes mad, and hyper purry for the stuff. Last night I put a few drops on my nighttop, and ended up fighting him off me for the majority of the time, until I was so tired I slept through his antics. Mostly he sniffs it, until his little nose wrinkles, and then he starts licking the stuff...or trying to. If he can't get to it, he will claw and bite me to access the Olbas Oil patch, all the while purring and dribbling madly. He also steals and eats anything minty, no matter how strong, and ate all my Victorian Bitter Mints, that I got at Christmas, that have a high percentage of mint oil. Is this normal ????

Also, as I woke up covered in cat dribble and smelling like cat breath, I know he must have licked my clothes, neck and face, that the oil was on, or had contact with. Is that harmful to him...the oil, I mean ???? Here is the stuff that I copied off the bottle :

What is in Olbas Oil?
Active Ingredients (w/w): Cajuput Oil BPC 18.50%. Clove Oil BP 0.10%, Eucalyptus Oil BP 35.45%,Juniper Berry Oil BPC '49 2.70%, Menthol BP 4.10%, Dementholised Mint Oil BP 35.45%, Wintergreen Oil BPC '49 3.70%.
Olbas Oil is available in 2 sizes, l0ml and 28ml.

How does Olbas Oil work?
Olbas Oil is a mixture of essential oils which gives off a vapour that helps clear congestion. It also acts as a counter-irritant, relieving pain when applied externally.

Who makes Olbas Oil?
Olbas Oil is manufactured by the licence holder G. R. Lane Health Products Ltd., Sisson Road, Gloucester, England GL1 3QB, under licence from PO-HO-CO, Basle, Switzerland.

What is Olbas Oil used for?
Olbas Oil is a blend of pure plant oils originated in Switzerland for the relief of bronchial and nasal congestion, hayfever and minor infections of the respiratory tract by inhalation. Olbas Oil also relieves the symptoms of muscular pain and stiffness including backache, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis and rheumatic pain by application to the skin.

Not suitable for babies under 3 months old. For inhalation and external use on unbroken skin only. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


He also loves any other decongestants !!!

He can open properly closed doors, inspite of the fact that we have
round pull handles, and not the drop down lever ones, and he also is able to open the fridge and then the kitchen sliding door, so he is no longer shut in, safely at night, and is free to yowl the whole house down.

He is 12 months old (?) and is castrated. Any advice ????

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Essential oils are not safe to use on cats, so I would try and keep the cat from the oil. Have a look at http://www.holisticat.com/aromatherapy.html
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Oh gosh !!! I never thought about Essential Oils being dangerous
for cats. Thankfully I don't intend using them on Mozzie, and never have, but he adores strong scents and odours. We came home two days ago to find him wrestling with my mother's white musk perfume, which luckily had the lid on and was a glass bottle so no teeth punctures either. We checked him over and he didn't get any on him, and now we've locked it in a tin in a drawer. We also rang the vet to find out if we should be watching for any symptoms, but he was absoloutely fine.

So, what can I do to ease my sinuses and that is safe for my little monster to sniff and lap at, should he get access to it, not that we have intention to let him, but judging by last nights fiasco...I just don't know !!! i think I need to make an appointment with a pet behaviourialist for him, and a therapist for me !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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It's probably the menthol. Menthol is made from peppermint, and catnip is a mint. Alot of cats are affected by mints and mint oils in the same way they are affected by catnip.
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I would try tiger balm. It is very strong. It is too overwelming for cats (for some humans too). I find it very beneficial to clear my sinuses.
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