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sub sandwiches

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Where are your favorite places to get subs from? And, what do you like?

I like Port of Subs:
chicken breast on white sub with: mayo-mustard mix, provolone cheese, lettuce, black olives, peppercinis, pickles, oil (no vinegar), oregano, salt & pepper

OR .....

turkey on white; provolone cheese, lettuce, pickles, peppercinis, sweet peppers, mayo, mustard, oil, oregano, salt & pepper


subway club on white; provolone cheese, pickles, green peppers,
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Oooh!! Subway for sure!!! I usually get a veggie sub on white, hold the cheese with lettuce (of course)lots of jalapenos green peppers, tomatos, pickles a teeny bit of Southwest sauce, some Light Mayo and salt and pepper. Those are to die for!! Subways Jared is my hero :laughing2
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Subway of course. Not many good sub places in Canada. My fav is a hot pizza sub with extra cheese & sauce or Turkey on whole wheat with cheese, lettuce, mayo, salt, pepper and a lot (and I mean tons) of pickles!
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Love Subway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Turkey on Wheat. Everything on it, extra jalepenos, and no dressing. Just salt and pepper. Yummy says my tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am not a huge fan of subway as it is always such a big deal to eat them...I always always manage to spill half tghe contents down me, so although I do enjoy them - I need to be at home wearing an old shirt so I can take it off afterwards.

Althoug - saying that I love fresh made thick sliced granary bread stuffed with turkey or chicken slices and coleslaw and beetroot yummmmmm
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Anybody have Quiznos?!!?!? Their subs are awesome. They actually toast the subs. After they make it to your specifications they run it through this little toaster oven. They are sooooo good. I like turkey with different things. Quizmos put subway to shame,IMO because they are warm and toasty
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Ap, I know what you mean. I go to the local "pizzeria" and they toast the subs too. They are yummy especially if there is a cheese that melts and gets all gooey. Yummy.
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Now I'm starved!!! I'm ready for lunch and it's quarter til 9! Never did like breakfast much anyway. I prefer non breakfast foods, like toasty subs! :laughing:
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Hmmmmmmmmm, yep I prefer " real" food to breakfast food anyday. My favorite is pasta!!!!!!!!!! Toast and butter just doesn't do it for me!!
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I've never been a breakfast person. Give me a slice of pizza over a bowl of cereal ANYDAY
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I'm a subway girl. AP, we have Quizno's here but I don't like them because the toasted bread hurts the roof of my mouth. I'm also a cereal junkie, it's my favorite breakfast food.
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We have Quizno's, too ..... I've been there once or twice & it was pretty good!
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Oh, I love Quiznos. We have one in the mall here, and I usually eat there when we go. I love their turkey with avacado. Yum!!! Guess those aren't on my diet though.

Other than Quiznos, I don't like subs. They're kind of uninspiring to me. My husband loves them though. He likes to go to Subway and get the large chicken breast sandwich with extra meat. The workers think he's crazy!
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For toasted sandwiches, I like Schlotzky's. I like the mufaletta bread they use.

For pocket sandwiches, I used to like D'Angelo's. Now pronounce that properly, Dee-Angelo's. A Number 9 steak pocket was really good but I like their veggie pockets too, toasted just enough to melt the cheese a bit.

Never had Quizno's but I can't stand Subway. It's the bread. Hubby keeps saying, "Honey, they have this new bread now, all kinds of flavors." But that's not the problem. I like a sub in chewy crusty bread like the Italians make in Boston (don't know why the Italian sub shops use different bread than other places) not that soggy steamed mush they call bread at Subway. Notice that I don't care for white bread in general because it has the texture of Wonder Bread (it's a wonder they can call it bread).

There used to be a great place in Beverly but I can't remember the name of it. I keep thinking Tony's but that's such a cliche plus I think it was someone's family name, not a guy's first name. I used to get an Italian there with all the fixin's except hot peppers and oil. They always looked at me funny when I said no oil. Like all those cold cuts need added grease, geesh! I could get 2 -3 meals out of a 12" sub, which was a good thing when I was going to college!
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Oooooohhhhh! I love Schlotzky's, too, sunlion! I like to get the turkey club! Does anyone have a Mr. Goodcents? There is one here, but I've never tried it; I've heard it's good, though!
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Oh goody! Another food thread! :tounge2:
I love subways cold cut combo, with tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, green peppers,and of course...mayo!!!
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I liked Schlotsky's until it turned into a corporation/franchise. The quality went way down.

If I eat a store-bought sub, very rare, I like Quizno's Mesquite Chicken without the bacon.

Normally, we make our subs at home. We call them 'big sammiches'. For each sandwich, we get a loaf of french or sourdough bread, the soft kind. We like the Safeway kind they make fresh and hot! Then you layer it with mayo, horseradish, salt, fresh ground pepper, thin sliced Roma tomatoes, and La Taglia roast beef rare made from New York Strip steak. mmmmm! Each sandwich is like 3 meals! :tounge2:
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I'm really starting to get hungry here!!!
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who was inspired by this thread to get a sub?!?!?!?!?
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If I didn't live 10 miles away from a subway... I would! :LOL:
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I'll fess up since I started the thread! I got one a few hours before starting this thread!

I like to make my own subs, too: poppy seed or sesame seed buns; ham, turkey/chicken, pickles, mayo, mustard, and cheese.
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Originally posted by alicat613

Normally, we make our subs at home. We call them 'big sammiches'. For each sandwich, we get a loaf of french or sourdough bread, the soft kind. We like the Safeway kind they make fresh and hot! Then you layer it with mayo, horseradish, salt, fresh ground pepper, thin sliced Roma tomatoes, and La Taglia roast beef rare made from New York Strip steak. mmmmm! Each sandwich is like 3 meals! :tounge2:
OMG I left out the most important ingredient!!!
Red onions sliced and carmelized in the broiler with a little butter, a touch of soy and a sprinkling of seasoning salt. What was I thinking?
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Just made the SO a sandwich.

I buy the big deli kaiser rolls, cut in half,
toast the thin bottom,
'gut' the top 'lid' so it makes a hollow dome, so when you put the sandwich together it's not 2 straight lids of bread that forces the filling out when you bite it.

I layer meat and cheese. Usually whatever is on sale (he's not picky)So today it was sliced chicken, swiss, chicken, american, ham, american, ham, american. Then I microwave that for about 30 seconds till the meat is warm and the cheese is melted.

I put mayo and tomato on the bottom bun, mustard on the top. then I put it all together. The sandwich is compact because I take out the extra bread in the 'dome' top half of the sandwich.

I served it with baby carrots and parmesan romano dressing for dipping. He's in heaven
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Oh AP, that sounds delicious!!
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The SO seemed to enjoy it! (I didn't have one)
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I love Sub sandwiches...our whole family likes Subway....usually clubs on wheat with everything but the hot peppers..

Airprincess, what delicious-sounding sandwich!!! I will have to remember to "gut" my home-made ones also!! as we like to pile on the fixin's
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