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I'll keep Miss JinJin in my thoughts, I hope she continues to do a little better everyday! Keep us posted.
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JinJin is in my thougths..
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Just a quick update:

JinJin continues to improve! We took out her IV (which she sat for like an angel). Her appetite is ravenous! Because she was a nursing mom, I had her on kitten food, but I was afraid that it was too rich for her. I switched her to adult food, and it has helped considerably...her stools are normal now. The kittens are eating canned and dry food like little pigs (except for the boy...gawd! he's such a mama's boy!), but she does continue to nurse them from time to time. Fortunately it's nearly as frequently, so hopefully it won't pose a problem for her.

I lost some ground from the "trust" factor, however. She used to enjoy petting from time to time, but that's on hold for the time being. Ah well, it was necessary, and hopefully the trust will return soon!

Thanks to all who sent out prayers and good thoughts for JinJin...it worked!
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That's great news Kellie that's because of your care and concern, and I'm sure you will be able to gain that Trust and Love very soon. Will still send good vibes your way.
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It was all going so well...until this morning.

The last few days JinJin has been doing really well. In fact Friday she actually played! Which anyone who has taken in an adult feral can tell you that is a huge, huge deal! I was thrilled.

This morning poor Jin came walking up near me, sticking her tongue in and out of her mouth & threw up (which frankly was a bit of a relief, I thought she might be having a seizure), then ran to the litter box, trailing diarrhea along the way. Already late for work, I cleaned it up quickly & called the vet when I got to work. He thinks that since it was such a sudden onset, that something she ate might have caused it. I did give her a bit of water from tuna the night before (which I have given to other kitties as a treat & never had a problem). He suggested either taking away her food & water for a day (too late, I was already at work), or cooking her a bland diet of chicken or turkey with rice or potato, or turkey baby food. When I got home tonight, I boiled up some chicken & potatoes & mashed them up. So far so good, so I hope it was a temporary set back. The dinner was a huge hit with her & the babies, and I even had to give some to the other two 'cause they were causing such a stink about being left out!
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