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cant believe it!!!!

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I am currently in conversation with my vets and the rspca, Angel was takern into the vets and "lost her litter about a month ago" however the vets told me they had removed everything and that she would be fine to go out now due to the difficulties she was having. It turns out they DIDNT remove everything and she still has her womb/horns. And to make it worse shes still pregnant!!!!!!!!!!
well! im releived in a way because she was down for ages BUT the littens were due on the 1st sept. The vets wont do anything and theres no one else near by as i dont drive. Shes getting really grumpy and theres still no sign of babies ' they are moving around like mad' are they distressed because she seems to be. shes not eating and lays in her box all the time..... there was a green discharge but the vets OH SO KINDLY cleared that up!!
What do i do???
Im so worried about her the vets wont operate again ,not that id trust them! and wont induce her but shes over 3 weeks late and theres milk everywhere and has been for a week and a half. Any ideas to help her on her way or should i just sit and wait like i have been for 18 days so far????? Please help I cant think of anyhing I can do.
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Any ideas or experience is welcome.... 18 days late? cant be good surely????
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Take her for the vet- no one here is going to be able to help you over the internet. I would certainly make a complaint to the vet who supposedly spayed her- but you need a vet and rather quickly I would think-
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No ideas at all...............I cant take her to the vet there under investigation... and theres no others around and i have no transport!!!
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I would then ask your neighbors or friends or try and find a pet taxi and get this cat seen.
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I dont have any neighbours i live in the middle of a field........y do you think im asking on here. obviously im worried but my partner is in scotland so theres my transport out the picture and ive got no one i can contact.
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sorry that sounded rude..it wasnt meant to be
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I guess I am just wondering if you are incorrect about how far along she is? Eiether way, she needs to go to another vet for examination. I understand your frustration that you cannot get to one, but there really is no responsible advice that could be given without examination.

One thing I would suggest, is that if you have no transportation...keep calling all of the vets in your phonebook and see if there are any who will come to your home. It's worth a try.
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ive tried the vets wont do anything.... i cant be wrong about the dates because she hasnt been out since 1stjuly at all not even a sneak. that was before we went on holiday and she was at a cattery for a week shut in. Ive asked them and they said she was in with her sister all of the time and they have camera footage so i can check if i need to.
I cant understand the vet she keeps saying i must be wrong with dates But i can assure you im not. the 1st was the last time she was out and thats what ive worked it on so she could be another week gone for all i know she was gone for a week.
I feel really useless.
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I can well understand your frustration, but this cat needs a vet. None of us can see to her needs, that is what you are for. She is depending on you, and you can go ahead and snap back at me if if makes you feel better, but from everything you have posted, this cat needs a vet.
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Im not snapping at anyone please dont think i am, im on the phone at the moment to everyone i can find but im not getting anywhere. even the rspca is closed and pdsa.
I know she needs a vet, im trying she sitting with me at the mo just meowing and breathing fast and heavy but not panting, shes been like it for a few days. A good sign is that the kittens are still riggling but i dont want to loose her that all i care about at the minuite.
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Is there a Cats Protection near you?, because they would come and help and possibly pick your cat up.

I've found the link for the one in your area
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Not that i can find, The closest is about 40 miles away. This is like a loosing battle...........
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I've just added the link to the one in your area on my other post
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where????????? please add it here ill call them now
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Just been reading this thread,

Have you tried http://www.any-uk-vet.co.uk all you do is put in your postcode and it will list all the vets in your area. I live in the UK (Essex) and I would be very surprised if a vet wouldn't come out to see you if you were very concerned, I know my current vet would and so would my previous vet.

If you cannot get a vet to see you tonight I would arrange to get a taxi and take the cat in first thing in the morning.

As everybody have said your cat needs to be checked by a vet, good luck!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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I cant pay for it.. ineed a vet that is part of the pdsa or rspca.. i'm on income support due to illness
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oh and thank you for your help sorry im just a bit worried....(understatement of the year)
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Ok heres the link for the Blue Cross who are an organisation for people who can't afford treatment, and i'm sure these are open 24 hours?!

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All only open till 4 and none of them cover sg8......... She seems to have settled down for a bit now so Ill have chance to calm down and think. Thanks for all your links and advice I just dont seem to be getting anywhere though.
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Is it possible that you can get her to a vets tomorrow??
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first thing in the morning i can when my daughter is picked up for school.. its gonna cost £30 for them to see her and another £25 for an xray and £150 for a c section... i just dont have the money at all not even saved... and as i say the vets round here wont c section her because they dont believe shes as late as she is.
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I know what it is like, vets bills never come on pay day or if you have any money saved. Is it possible that they would let you pay by installments??
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afraid not they said if its not paid they wont allow my cat back home and they are legally allowed to rehome her. I can pay for normal vet bills but if they had done the job properly this would never have happend and i wouldnt be panicking.
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Rosie - most CP branches will not come out in situations like this sadly. My CP branch run an article in their last newsletter about it, and asked people to contact the RSPCA in these circumstances. I also don't know any emergency vets that will come to a house, nor a vet that offers payment plans. You might be best off ringing the RSPCA and seeing what they can do - whether they would help with her not being stray I don't know.
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I would certainly be taking them to task for not doing a proper spay job. At the very least if she does have kittens the vet that did the spay should be responsible for the cost of the vet bill, the surgery and the taxi to get her there.
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Originally Posted by booktigger
I also don't know any emergency vets that will come to a house, nor a vet that offers payment plans. You might be best off ringing the RSPCA and seeing what they can do - whether they would help with her not being stray I don't know.
Most vets do emergency house calls, but it can cost approx £80 for the visit alone, and i know that mine offer payment plans if needed.

And MA's right, this vet should be made to foot the bill, and if they argue the case i can get you the address for The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to mount a complaint.
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Hi every one,
I sat up all night las tnight with angel as I could not get thro9ugh to any vets or charities that would help. As it turns out Angel had her first kitten at 9.30 this morning, the second at 11am, a third ten minites after that and then a fourth at 3.30pm whilst i was collecting my daughter from school. They all seem very healthy and feeding well. Angel is very tired tho.
She hasnt past the plancenta yet which makes me think that there could be another kitten waiting...?!.....
All in all everything turned out well.. Oh and I will DEFINATLY be taking the vets to the cleaners I cant believe they have done this to my poor baby..
If anyone remembers Angel lost (supossidly) her litter and had to have an op, at the time the vets said it was best to remove everything and I agreed as she needed to be neutered. She was devistated.........................Now although tired shes really happy and has been purring throughout delivery (even though ive had to help her a few times) The kittens are wonderful and look just like their mummy and daddy.


maybe I can stop panicing now............
Thanks for all your help and advice, it was very much appreciated.
Angel is booked in for neutering in 15 weeks time when she should be fully recovered and the kittens will be big enough for her to leave to their devices.
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Names are :

Spot (Black with brown spots and a white spot under chin)
Izzy (Bengal brown spot through and through)
Bella (Black with brown spots, bit like a dark bengal look)
Alexy (Black and white banded middle)

Alexy is the only one who looks nothing like a bengal and its very strange as Angel is bengal and Brun is a black british short hair....so where did the white come from?????
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wonderful outcome to a scary ordeal! I am so happy for you that everyone is doing well! Congrats!
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