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she keeps on running out!

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The new kitty goes crazy as soon as she hears the door opening and closing, i can hardly get out with out her running out nor get in to the house properly she runs out so fast upstairs and i have no idea why??

I just fed her an hour ago and saw she was here, i thought she would be asleep but then ben went to the post office, i know how fast he gets out but because he hasnt slept in 24 hours i dont really know if she did get out and he didnt see.

his mother got her and put her in the bathroom and b"tched at me saying i wasnt careful enough and that ben had kicked her out of the door!

I dont know what to do with her behaviour about always running out i am getting tired of it, i want her to learn that its not okay!

Does any of this make sense?
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:bump: heh..
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Hope others here with "escape artists" can help you with Kaylee.
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I haven't tried this, but what about a squirt bottle? Sort of like, squirt or threaten when you go OUT, and take the bottle and leave it on the outside. Then when you get home, enter with the squirt bottle in front of you. I've used it for dogs, but not for cats.

OH! Or you could use that compressed air stuff.
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I don't like squirt bottles! I have no ideas for you just have my paws crossed, fwan
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I used a startle toy for LG and Jade, works to get dogs attentions but i took a pepsi can and put some pennies in it. anytime they went near the front door I shook it and said NO. they dont go near the door now.
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I have gotten used to the fact that put one of my feet up in the doors when going outside to block mainly Bakker from going outside. Good thing he is a yr old and 10# so its obvious when he trys this!!
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I've had the same problem with both of mine. Mostly since moving into my new house. I've tried just about anything to stop them. If you come up with something that works that would be great. In the mean time i invested in some ID tags so at least if they get out and I can't find them...hopefully someone will bring them back to me!
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