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Originally posted by Deb25
Log one vote for the old standby: sour cream and onion.

As to soda, I almost never drink it. The only Coke passing through this system has to be flavored with Captain Morgan.

WOOOHOOOO For Capt. Morgans!!!!!

oops.. sorry, wrong thread..

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Well if you guys think fries with gravy are different you should try poutine. This is a little taste treat from Quebec originally. Fries with melted cheese and spices. I've even seen it served with marshmallow.
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I like corn nuts myself, sorta like that unpopped popcorn at the bottom of your bowl thats almost popped but not. If you've had them and like popcorn, you'll love em.

Mmmmmmm Corn Nuts -n- Beer
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I like cheese fries, too! Sonic has chili-cheese covered fries, which are pretty good!
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LMAO - this is rather amusing - I wrote that thread last night when I was sitting in the lounge watching some rubbish on the tv eating salt and vinegar pringles and drinking a diet coke (always diet coke - I am addicted to that stuff) and the chips were litterally burning the inside of my lips they were sooooo strong and I just got to thinking and wondering what everyone else liked.

Okay so now own up who went out and brought chips after reading that thread LMAO
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Anything that is HOT and SPICY!!! Love it when my mouth is on fire, and I need to gulp my drink along with the chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gotta put in my vote!! My favorites are Dill Pickle chips with garlic dip, and good old Sour Cream & Onion!
Oh, I almost forgot...Fritos Chili Cheese corn chips are another favorite!
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Tigger - Mr Pibb comes in cans here (Texas). I can get it in lots of vending machines and at the grocery store. I have problems finding it at restaurants.
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Love all chips. My favs are Lays regular with french onion dip made by Hellava Good Dip company.

Ultimate fav is Party Mix from Hostess. Has cheesies, nachos, ringalos, pretzels 7 corn chips. I am addicted to Coke (can't have diet anything as am allergic to aspertame)
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is addicted to doritos and that martian pee we call "mountain dew" YUK TRAC!:tounge2:

I'm addicted to ben and jerrys new york super fudge chunk and everything but the.... (that's the name of the flavor, I swear!):tounge2: :tounge2:

I LOVE the not popped popcorn, Too as well as beer nuts!
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Today I go to work and i am going to eat some potato chips. Either the barbeque, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onions, or lemon flavored. And lots of Dr. Pepper!!!!! Its only my two day a week job so...
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BTW, I am glad I am not the only one who dosen't really like Mountain Dew. Now they sell it Code Red(Cherry flavored).

Any of you like slurpies? My favorite flavor is sour apple! Only in summer. But some people buy it now in winter!
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I think The Best Chips are Old Dill Pickle chips, and Lays Regular!
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I love salt and vinegar chips, especially Miss Vickie's. I went through a time where I ate a bag just about every day, at work, and it should have been declared a workplace hazard I worked in a lab, using pure acetic acid for one of my daily experiments (Note to non-science people; vinegar is a 5% solution of acetic acid, the other 95% being water) Every time I smelled the acetic acid, I craved salt and vinegar chips!!

At least I could satisfy *that* craving at work... in another experiment I used ethanol (alcohol), and that smell made me crave a shot of vodka!

And speaking of wacky Canadian chip flavours, does anyone remember cherry, grape and orange chips? They were out for about 6 months back in the mid to late '70s, at least in Atlantic Canada, I don't know if they were ever anywhere else... Other odd ones I remember were roast chicken and hot dog with mustard.
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Note to the few of us here who LOVE dill pickle chips....try them with garlic dip....Kraft makes a great garlic dip, and it makes the pickle chips taste even better! makes sense since alot of pickles are garlic flavored...try it! I used to think garlic dip sounded awful...till I tried it with the pickle chips!!! trust me on this one!!
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I seldom buy chips and I almost never dip them, but I might just have to try that one . . .
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Watch out though, it is addictive!!
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I like reg. Ruffles with French onion dip....not much of a pop drinker...I like spring water...mostly

The teenager likes all "munchies" but esp. salt and vinegar chips, I tried one or two once. Boy, did make my mouth pucker-up. (I am NOT a spicy, hot flavors fan!!!)
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There's nothing like a bag of Lays Classic potato chips and a diet coke.
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Sour cream n onion is my fave. Yum yum.
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I'm into Lays Sante Fe Ranch..beverage of choice- well I live in the south so Sweet Tea, but for a soda its wild cherry pepsi or Code Red Dew...
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Sweet Potato Chips baked and then put the chips into a paper bag with cinnamon and just a tad bit of sugar (or artificial sweetener) and there ya go! If you like salt you can put salt in too, but I don't use it Great chips...no fat and crispy, nutritious snack! haha!

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Amanda...yup, Salt and Vinegar rules; the more skin they take off the roof of mouth and tongue, the better LOL I remember when my sister first moved down to the States back in the '70's and there were no S&V chips available. We used to have to send her care packages from Canada full of Old Dutch Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips :LOL: Now, in the age of trying to eat healthier I've moved on to Quaker S&V rice chips very yummy!
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mmm... i heart chips

i especially like the cheesy doritos (and) i dip them with ...sour cream !

but, basically, i like all chips (except bacon flavoured chips) and salt & vinegar (though i do love them)
they turn the inside of your mouth raw and i dont like that at all

doesnt it drive you nuts, Shawna ?! - the after-effects kill me !!

you're in B.C. too hey ? whereabouts ?
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Blue...mmmm now you're making me hungry! drats and I don't have an Salt and Vinegar chips onhand! I'm in the Vancouver, how about you?
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i'm near there, well about 4 hours away near Kelowna, B.C.

i used to live on Vancouver Island and was also born there, and am moving back to Victoria soon,
hopefully before the summer months
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What a small world, eh? I was born and raised here, but spent time overseas as well; it's changed and grown a lot although last time I visited Kelowna I couldn't believe how much its grown too. I love the Island!! I could easily live over there.
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small world, indeed

i dont think i could ever live in Vancouver myself, though i love visiting friends & family there... and of course, shopping there

where were you overseas? what was that like?

you know, i had no clue (until recently) that Americans didnt have Ketchup chips or All Dressed...

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I spent 8 months in Australia and 2 years in England. In the UK they have really weird chip varieties (they call them crisps) like roast beef and curry chicken!!
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Hi there Blue not see you in ages hows things hun??

Shawna.....I totally agree with you statement "the more skin they take off the roof of mouth and tongue, the better "

When I was in Australia I found these salt & vinegar chips called SAnd Boys and gees the were definately the stongest s & v I had ever had and I can tell you I have had some pretty stong ones, they are just soooooooo good, it would take me ages to eat a small bag they were that stong
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