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Just a warning

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I'm sending these graphic pictures of overdose victims not for shock value, but rather in the hope that you will have a frank discussion with friends and family about respecting moderation, understanding limits, and knowing when to just walk away. Remember...

This did NOT have to happen.

Someone sent this to me in my email today.

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Oh goodness I just love the kitten in the very first picture!!!
Good email, how sweet!!
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That little Sharpei (spelling?) puppy is sure cute !
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I love the first kitty, I've seen that one before. But the puppy with the can. Good god i nearly spit out my breakfast from laughing so hard!

Thanks for the friday giggle.
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That first picture is hilarious!!
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The first picture pops up from time to time, and it never fails to make me chuckle. I have a similar picture of my kiddo brother at a similar life stage.
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Good one! Thanks for the chuckle!
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I just love these pictures! They never fail to make me smile!
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Too cute!!
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That one with the dog giving thanks for the treats they are about to receive is the cutest thing I ever saw.
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