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Ok, either I missed it or somethin, but I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations When is your baby due & have you learned the sex?
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Well I did know... but I just wanted to join you Tigger to say a whopping ol' CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! to Debby!!! Hope ya don't mind Tig!!

Heres to you Debby!!! WOOHOO!!! :pinky: :laughing2 :afrorainb :blubturq: :girly1: :flower: (Ok ok... I like the smilies!!!)
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Happy baby to you....happy baby to youuuuuuuuuu... happy baby dear Debby, happy baby to you!

(be thankful you could NOT hear that sung out loud) - cause I did you know!
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Oh wow!! Thank you Tigger for starting this thread! And to all of you for your congratulations!!

I am due Aug. 1st. I do want to know the sex, but haven't found out yet. Everything is going pretty good so far...just really tired. Not much morning sickness. I will be 4 months along a week from tomorrow. Seems to be going fast. I am pretty excited, though scared!!!
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Do you want a boy or a girl? When we have kids, I would like a little girl. There are so many cute outfits & stuff for girls, hehe. But....... that won't be for a long time, because I don't want kids now.
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Tigger...if given the choice, since this will be my only child, I would like to have a girl. But a boy will be nice too!
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The news about your pregnancy is wonderful!!! Have you felt the baby moving yet???
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Congratulations, Debby!!

Oh, you're going to have a little Leo! (If your little one is on time, anyway...) Trust me, us Leos are wonderful people. Just ask one of us.
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Tigger - Don't feel bad, I missed it too.

Yeah, Debby!! I know you were wanting a baby so bad. Be sure to keep us all up-to-date on baby things. When will you be having your sonogram?
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I'm a Leo too!! There can Never be too many of us Leos!! The more the merrier!!

Oops! I almost forgot...I definitely agree with Jin, Leos are wonderful people!
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Of course she's leasned the sex..she's pregnant ain't she???

Us Leo's are highly logical.
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I'm so happy for you that you are going to have a baby! I remember when I first joined, you were trying to conceive ..... Congrats! I know you will make a fantastic mom, as you are to your kitties! Have you thought of names if it is a boy/girl?
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Originally posted by Tigger
Have you thought of names if it is a boy/girl?
Is there another choice?
(sorry, couldn't let KittyFoot be the only SmartA$$ here!) :laughing2
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Lorie...I haven't felt it move yet..that will be weird... (but cool)
Dawn..is the sonogram where they put the jelly on your belly (hey that rhymes..:LOL: ) and show the picture on the screen? If so..yes I had it, a few weeks ago...dang, just can't remember what it was called...I'm sure I sound real ignorant here...:laughing:

oh wait!!!! Now I remember....that was the ultrasound!!! So what is a sonogram??? Gotta remember..I'm new to this!!!
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Debby - A sonogram is the same thing as an ultrasound. Did you find out the sex? I can't remember if you said wether or not you want to know.
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Yes... I want to know!!! But they said it was still too early to tell..
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Congrats Debby

BTW, I was wondering if you are going to the cat show in Altoona this weekend? I'm going to try to go on Sunday, unless my boss makes me work.
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I would love to go!!! But I can't. There is supposed to be a pretty bad snowstorm coming in sometime today, and tomorrow we are celebrating my step-daughters 17th b-day....a big meal, cake, etc...so I can't go then either. Let me know how it was if you go!!! If there is another one please let me know, I sometimes don't hear of them.
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Congrats on your pending arrival in Aug... I don't post alot, but lurk (kinda shy) and I know you REALLY wanted a little one...so glad to hear that you are pregnant!!! I have an only child, myself, and he is a sweetheart (even if he is a teeanager...)
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Thank you DebbieA. it's good to see you here!
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