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Back From Vet

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We just got back from the vet's office. Popeye has URI, no surprise. No ear mites and he weighs 11lbs. 11oz. She was surprised that I insisted on her seeing my cat. Her secretary never told me all I had to do was come get the medicine because she is the vet for the humane society so she was aware that he may need it. She also told me if my other cat comes down with it which he might seeing he is not eating just to stop and she will give me the meds I need. I am very pleased that I talked to her and she is going to have a talk with her staff. She also told me that if it shows any signs for anything else this month she would see them for no charge. It is a relief that she is still a good vet just in need of better staff.
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My old vet was good like that (not charging insane amounts constantly). Can't find one in our new area though and I'm going nutty with it all. I'm glad to hear that the vet really does care!
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Glad to hear you've got it sorted out.
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